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Collection: Mid-Century Modern Furniture | Modern Furniture Reproductions

Mid-Century Modern Furniture | Modern Furniture Reproductions
Mid Century Modern Furniture is truly never going out of style. Find classic mid-century furniture reproductions influenced by iconic designers such as Mies van der Rohe, Arne Jacobsen, Florence Knoll, Eero Saarinen and many others, as well as beautiful retro inspired furniture. Splayed furniture legs, vintage colors and clean lines. Old is new again at EMFURN. All products listed here are replicas inspired by the original and in no way affiliated with authentics. Free shipping on all orders across continental US. Introduced in the 50s and 60s, mid-century modern furniture designs were typically clean, refined and simple. 

Mid century furniture is defined by its unique characteristics - bold colors, splayed furniture legs and clean lines. Designers placed an emphasis on form and function. And this is why over 50 years later, mid-century furniture is sought after today. You can rest assured knowing that your furniture purchase will never go out of style.
All products listed here are reproductions inspired by the original and in no way affiliated with authentics. Free shipping on most orders across continental USA.


What’s this about the “mid-century modern” furniture trend?

If you’re familiar with the names Wegner, Noguchi or even Eames, congratulations! You’re halfway through knowing more about mid-century modern furniture. Aside from being a house staple, it paved the way for home innovation, reflecting the rustic ambiance of the 1900s in the modern age. As EMFURN continues to forgo the trend of MCM, it deviates itself from the norm by providing varying sets of furniture that fit one’s taste, style and brand.

How is mid-century modern furniture suitable for any occasion?

Simplicity--embodying a unique yet minimalistic design. Mid-century modern have stemmed from decades of drastic change in terms of trend. It boiled down to the contemporary living despite the drastic change from one decade to another. Co-existing between the quaint lifestyle of the 50s and the retro age of the 70s, EMFURN stays true to its word of mid-century modern worldview yet taking a leap out of the customary ways as it aims to deliver furniture catering to your needs.

The living room is the centerpiece of my home. In what way can mid-century modern furniture provide an appealing sight?

Granted, the living room is the area of leisure by friends and family, it’s no wonder the question stands. While Tulip styles are essentially a fan-favorite, an oak-trodden table is all the rage without overdoing the rustic vibe. Though most would reside on leather to maintain a modern century look, there’s also the choice of opting for vintage cushioned sofa’s that would contribute a regal look originating from the 60s. It’s a mid-century modern decor that establishes a modest interior.

As the dining room requires a state of comfort, what are the options available?

Comfort is always the number one priority in picking out furniture. And, when it comes down to a delicious meal with the family, EMFURN supplies the luxury of having not to worry about the chair being too tall or an uneven table. On one hand, for a soft-cushioned preference, the Elsa mid-century modern gravel has contrasting pieces of grey fabric and stained armrest. The Fiona mid-century, on the other hand, is a distinct design on its own by having a one-sided dining bench together with smooth-grained textured dining chairs. Both committed to the classic ambiance.

I prefer a bedroom that balances solace and organization. What would you recommend to help with the interior?

It’s common for a bedroom to be sectioned into two: the clean side and the dirty pile. Admittedly, keeping a well-maintained bedroom is a difficult habit to get used to especially on a busy schedule. All everyone wants to do is to jump onto a soft mattress after a long day, but who can sleep with a discomforting thought of a disorganized room? A Memory foam mattress paired with a Cooper Queen stainless steeled bed eases bodily tension. However, a Debra retro nightstand accents the room to maximize relaxation. It’s a warm blend of classic 70s with a regal bed-frame decal.

Rattan was frequently suggested to me as a piece for outdoor furniture. Is it an item I should invest in?

Rattan furniture is predominantly the go-to’s of most people. Though it’s not the only option for the outdoors, they provide a handful of benefits that might help you weigh the pros during decision-making. For one, rattan is a durable material easily kept clean as it does require low maintenance. Another reason delves onto the topic of weather, resisting UV rays plus a quick wipe after a rain shower. EMFURN varies in rattan products; a chaise lounge purely out of rattan or an Alfresco patio armchair with built-in polyester cushions. The choice, then, stands to prefer quality furniture above all else.

I’m thinking of turning my office space into a mid-century modern feel. What can you suggest?

An office needs to exhibit a sophisticated environment that reminds employees regarding professionalism with an amicable approach. The same goes for the home-office where one shouldn’t contain himself in a suffocating and white-walled atmosphere. To introduce a mid-century modern design in an office space, one must first be open to the idea. It’s not just about putting a glass table in one corner but expressing a contemporary motif that would compel a person to work comfortably. A Propel office desk, adorned with storage drawers and storage cubby, is the perfect crevice to stack important papers and miscellaneous needs. EMFURN’s variety in office-ware depends on the idea of a distraction free-work space.

Are there specific styles filed under the general staple of mid-century modern?

Mid-century modern in itself is a genre of co-existing decades with a modern touch. Styles differ in terms of shape and design, depending on how one envisions the entirety of interior and exterior. For example, the category of Eames style, as sorted out by EMFURN, consists of tulip-shaped chairs varying in color and physique. Mid-century Scandinavian still falls under mid-century modern, though it focuses its structure for bone comfort like the Aniline shell chair. Serving the purpose of narrowing down your options, it still proceeds with the fact of it being mid-century modern furniture with a twist of its own.

What are the benefits of living a mid-century modern lifestyle?

By entertaining the idea of mid-century modern, it also means being open to new opportunities to minimalist yet creative designing. It pushes your mind to innovate with the different designs; from someone who demands a 50s-esque household to discovering a new line of mid-century modern furniture that has yet to join the trend. It also contributes to the cognitive aspect of the mind by providing a simple safe space for a woman who wants to relive her 80s. Instead of seeing mid-century modern as a trend gone bland, through the eyes of the looking glass it becomes a challenge to seek what has yet to be discovered.

How does EMFURN contribute to the mid-century modern lifestyle?

EMFURN prides itself through the mid-century modern specialty. Aside from being accustomed to the traditional ways, the brand strives to deliver the latest mid-century modern trend in the market. Their distinction roots from being the number one source of contemporary retailing at an affordable and quality products.