Once the comfort and functionality of your mattress and bed have been decided upon, the finishing touch to complete the interior design of your bedroom comes in choosing a headboard. Perhaps, you can begin your bedroom design by choosing the headboard first and styling around it. However, as with all design choices, the headboard is an important visual element in your bedroom and should tie in with the overall décor.

The headboard is also an important addition because it fulfills the very practical purpose of keeping your pillows in place, and acts as a backboard or prop for pillows when sitting up to read or watch television. Your overall comfort relies on you making the right choice.

The collection of modern and mid-century headboards available at EMFURN is vast. Whether you are looking for a contemporary style with clean lines and concentric shapes, or would prefer a more rustic style, there is something for every taste. The modern range of headboards come in a variety of colors and sizes, available to fit all twin-sized, full-sized, queen-sized and king-sized beds.

From vinyl or fabric, to steel or solid wood, there will be a durable material to perfectly enhance the design of your bedroom furnishings.  An upholstered headboard can offer additional comfort, with tufting or studs providing an elegant design feature, as found with the Griffin, Ivy or Jasmine ranges. Although harder, wooden styles can breathe warmth and sophistication into any bedroom, such as the stunning elegance of the Newland Tobacco headboards or the Linden Walnut range. With our range of modern headboards you can even achieve a perfect industrial or rustic style, depending on the type of wood you choose.

All in all, whether the focal point of your bedroom or a background design feature, be it contemporary, modern or rustic, the EMFURN collection can offer the ideal headboard to compliment any bedroom style.