Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian furniture emerged in the 1950s as a movement that focused on the functionality of furniture rather than its physical appearance. Scandinavians are a socially inclusive people who believe that design is to be used for improving the quality of life for everybody. Their furniture defies the notion that home décor should be extravagant and cater only to the wealthy. Flowing curves and simplistic design are trademarks of Scandinavian furniture’s purpose for showcasing beautiful pieces that are also simple in nature without being too austere. White and ivory embellished with colorful patterns are the dominant hues of the Scandinavian style. It is emphasized with warm texture mixed with wood, and shaped with plastic or fiberglass. Its ornamentation also possesses mild textiles that are not too fanciful. Some find Scandinavian furniture to be boring, but the natural elements infused in its build give it a fashionable and classy reputation.

Several important factors come together to explain the Scandinavian approach to design, and much of it relates to the fact that Nordic tradition draws heavily from its natural, snow-covered environment. Where they live in the north, Scandinavians are subjected to inhospitable conditions that led them to develop a taste for the practical using limited available resources and delivering feasible answers in difficult circumstances. For them, comfort reigns supreme in the domestic setting rather than conspicuous furniture that alludes to one’s status. The inviting feel of Scandinavian design is evident in its method to express that there is something human to its form.

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