The Eames chair is a mid century modern furniture staple. If you think mid-century, you immediately think about the Eames chair. And we carry the best reproductions of the iconic Eames chair, colloquially known as the Eames chair replica, or the Eames style chair.
Combining style with art, there is no chair quite as celebrated as the chairs designed by famed furniture architect husband and wife duo, Charles and Ray Eames.
Now a recognized icon, Eames chairs were forerunners in modern furniture design when they were first released in the 1950’s, as it perfectly captured the modern design style desires of modern times. The minimalist design of Eames dining chairs still remains fashionable today. 
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The Eames dining chair is unlike no other, in its simplistic style and elegance. It is iconic and unique, yet comes at a very costly price. Now, you can own the Eames replica chair and afford its uniqueness and elegance in the comfort of your home, without breaking the bank. This reproduction has the air and attitude of the original chair released in the 1950’s invented by a man of the name Eames. Make sure to check out all the styles and varieties we offer or replicas of the Eames collection. 

Charles Eames was aiming to make a chair that would be comfortable, stylish, and fit the new edge of the 60s. if one was to look at the complete portfolio of Eames one would see that it is not an easy task to understand how there have been a few of the models that have withstood time and remained popular.


Are Eames Replica Chairs comfortable?

The opening line of a newspaper clipping from the 60a for an ad of Eames chairs reads: “In 2061, one of these chairs will still be famous. Which” And on the bottom you see 7 chairs with a small tropical potted plant amidst chairs. The ad is in black and white. And the add was right, so far at least. The chair in the middle, which is the chair that was originally created when Eames began making chairs, is boasted to be what introduced people to “modern” chairs and convinced people that wow, these can be comfortable.

Eames made such a name for himself with comfort and style that all subsequent chairs that were released were incredibly popular, because people already trusted that the brand would make a style that was comfortable to sit in. The Eames chair replica very close to the original design and match every bit of comfort found in the original.


Does an Eames chair recline?

Yes they do, but it also depends on the style of the chair. Different chairs have different uses. For example, one model we carry, the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman Premium Reproduction definitely can recline back.


What is an Eames Style Chair?

An Eames style chair, therefore, simply indicates a chair that heralds the style of one of Charles Eames iconic model chairs. His company has been in the chair-making business for almost seventy years. That is what an Eames chair is. It is the product of his genius to make chairs that offer comfort and elegance, always streamlined into a beautiful look.

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