Top Tips to Revamp your Dining Room!

The dining room by nature can sometimes seem like a simple space, with a table and chairs in the center. But in actual fact it isn’t a simple space, it’s an important space. It is the room where family gather and spend time together. It’s the room where we invite guests and host dinners. Here at EMFURN we want to bring back the importance of the dining room, and to show how special this place really is!

So here are some ideas to help you to create a dining room that really shines. Just make sure that you don’t make it too nice that you don’t want to eat in it!


Use accessories that express your own personality. The key is to fill your home with items that create a connection between you and your living space. Display a collection of prints or pictures in your dining area; it will make the perfect talking point for you and your guests. Yes, dining chairs, especially fun Eames mid-century inspired dining chairs can be an accessory to your dining table. Think mixing or matching different colors to liven up the space.

Let there be light!

Put your table in the spotlight. Lighting is essential to any dining room as it affects the mood and feel of your space. Why not use a dimmer switch with your chandeliers to control the intensity of the lighting. From using your dining table for a candlelit romantic dinner, to using it as a place to work, you can alter the light according to the occasion. Just remember, the lighting fixture should be approximately one-third the width of the table and it should be placed in the centre.

Colour, colour, colour!

Create an effect or highlight a feature using colour. Your room might have a chimney breast or alcoves crying out to be picked out with a bright colour or print. If you are not that brave, use chairs or accessories in a bright eye-popping colour!