The Best Mid-Century Modern Bookcases

The Best Mid-Century Modern Bookcases

The Best Mid-Century Modern Bookcases

The Love For Mid-Century Modern

It’s inherent that we’ve gotten inspiration for today’s furniture from various eras. Notably, one of those we’ve gotten inspiration from is the Mid-Century era

Mid-century inspired furniture has a very sophisticated and moderately elegant look. It brings out the aesthetic in our living rooms and bedrooms. Anyway, it's no surprise that almost everyone loves mid-century modern furniture, may they be dining chairs, desk chairs, or even office tables.

To dive in further, a lot of us are very neurotic when it comes to organizing and tidying up our books and other home ornaments. And what better way is there to keep your house organized? Yes, you got it, with mid-century modern bookcases!

Now, you must be one of many looking to buy a mid-century modern bookcase for yourself. But the problem is, you don’t know what to buy and which type is the best. 

This is where we come in.

We’ve written reviews and compiled the best mid-century modern bookcases for you to read. There are a variety of bookcases we’ve written, all in the hopes that you might find one that satisfies your taste. Of course, it’s not all looks and no function, we’ve added the most practical, functional ones as well.


The Best Types of Mid-Century Modern Bookcases

Below is our list of the best mid-century modern bookcases to fill in your living space. There are a number of designs and colors for you to choose from. Go ahead and read further below.


Cube Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

Cube Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

This is one of the mid-century modern bookcases that offers a lot of compartments in a modern design. It has seven compartments for you to fill up and is designed to be of low height. That's a lot of storage space!

It’s a symmetrically-built design that offers to give you a mix of simplicity and but modern bookcase.

The bookcase offers organic, wooden aesthetic along with clean lines made from solid wood. Not only that, but it’s sturdy as well, even for a low bookcase. It’ll surely bring modern vibes to your home.


Ladder Mid-Century Bookcase

Ladder Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

A thin ladder-type bookcase.

Just like any other ladder-type, mid-century modern bookcases, you may need to have it leaned against the wall. For a more secure finish, you can also mount it instead.

It’s very practical when it comes to space, and is cute with its acorn color as well. That way, it’ll surely bring practicality and beauty to your living space. It even offers a drawer at the bottom for you to securely store your smaller items.


X Frame Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

X Frame Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

A very practical and brilliant design shelve-makers have come up with.

It is very decorative, less-bulky, and takes up little space. It’s designed with an “X” shape wooden frame that mainly supports the entire bookcase. So you won’t have to worry about instability, wiggling, or squeaking.

It comes with three shelves, which is enough for couples or small families to make use of. You can fill it with a mix of books or house decorations to spice your living room up. 

Not only that, but it’s made out of PVC board and metal. It’s easy to put together as well and you can even hang it over a table or desk.

Expect a lot of compliments from your visitors when they see this cute bookshelf.


Alcott Hill Bel Air 30" Standard Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

 Alcott Hill Bell Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

If you’re into low bookcases and have the perfect space in your home to fill up, then this bookcase is for you. It’s very stylish and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home.

It has two compartments, which is enough for small families wanting to accessorize their homes. It’s made with a mix of manufactured wood and solid wood.

The Alcott Hill Bel Air's white color brings farmhouse vibes to your home, although expect the smell of paint when receiving the item.

If you’re looking for a bookcase that’ not too tall, then you might consider buying this item.


Kathy Ireland Home Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

 Kathy Ireland Home Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

If you’re looking for a large, sturdy bookcase, then this is the mid-century modern bookcase that will meet your standards.

It's hard being a book lover with a wide book collection. Sometimes storing them can be a real pain in the neck. Fortunately, if you have a lot of books, you don’t have to worry about storing them ever again.

Kathy Ireland Home is made out of solid wood, making it very sturdy. This bookshelf can withstand a lot of weight.

It offers as much as six spacious compartments that offer functionality as well. Two shelves are fixed while the other four can be adjusted and moved to accommodate different heights.

It’s also great for people who hate self-assembly since the product is delivered already assembled.

Kathy Ireland Home's tall and elegant design can make any room feel grand and pompous. Also, this is definitely the bookcase for booklovers who’re looking for a place to store their collection.


Novogratz Addison City MId-Century Modern Bookcase

 Novogratz Addison City Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

If you’re a parent looking for a bookcase for your child, then worry not. This mid-century modern bookcase gives your child the space he needs for his own books.

The Novogratz Addison City bookcase is designed with cutouts in the back and sides that give a cityscape silhouette. A brilliant, playful idea if you ask us.

It’s very compact and has three cubbies and one open shelf. It gives you the opportunity to organize toys and books here. You can even add in small bins for smaller items such as art supplies and smaller toys.

It’s easy to put together and is sturdy. It can even hold a lot for its size so you can expect to get the most of what you pay for.



Geometrical Wooden Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

Geometrical Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

The Geometrical S-shaped bookcase is a very modern-ish type combined with a mid-century feel. It looks very sleek and stylish, without having to compromise for functionality.

It’s built with horizontal, rectangular compartments formed in an “S” pattern to give you more style. Expect it to give you very elegant and stylish vibes to your home. 

If sturdiness is your main concern, don’t worry. You don’t have to fret about it falling or being unbalanced. This shelf is made with that in mind, and the designers have put it into consideration.

It’s definitely a great example of craft and art mashed together to give you practical comfort and space.


22-inch Narrow Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

22-inch Narrow Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

Sometimes, we want to make the most of our home. We can get the feeling that there’s something missing in our living space. If you’re crazy about filling up even the smallest, tiniest spaces in your home, then this bookshelf is made for you. 

This bookshelf is really narrow and slim, which may seem very peculiar for some. But in fact, this type of design screams 50s mid-century era. It offers vintage vibes and aesthetics to your rooms.

Although it may seem small, it guarantees as much as three shelf compartments to give you enough space for your items. It also has a small drawer for smaller items and knickknacks.

Because of how narrow it is, it also takes little space. You can even fit it in between furniture to get rid of unpleasant spaces.


It’s rustic natural dark brown color makes this hardwood shelf easy and pleasant on the eyes. Having this bookshelf around your living room will surely catch the eyes of your visitors. 


Sauder 5-Shelf Mid-century Modern Bookcase

Sauder 5-Shelf Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

The Sauder bookcase offers more functionality compared to the rest of the mid-century modern bookcases. It offers five shelves, and that’s not just it. Three of its compartments are adjustable, which is perfect for storing larger items.

It’s a very vintage type of bookshelf because of it’s Lintel Oak finish and subtle farmhouse vibes.

The Sauder is a big bookshelf that’s suitable for holding a lot of books and files. It’s very durable and it can withstand a lot of pressure since it’s made from engineered wood. So you won’t have to worry about overloading it with hundred of heavy books.

It is delivered disassembled but for the not craft-savvy, don’t worry. It’s easy to put together by yourself. Surely it’ll be favorite of many




Beachcrest Home Pierview 63" Corner Unit Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

 Beachcrest Corner Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

We’ve got one of the best mid-century modern bookcases suited for you. That is if you’re one of many who hate empty house corners. This corner bookcase is a great addition to your seemingly-empty home.

It has five shelves you can use to display your favorite books, picture frames, and even plants. Although, don’t put too much heavy stuff fon it. As aesthetically pleasing as it is, it doesn’t hold much when it comes to heavy books. This is because it’s made from fibreboard or MDF.

The Beachcrest Home Pierview offers a high-end modern look at a low price with its faux wood grain. Perfect for leveling up your home's look.


Homestar Glass Cabinet Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

Homestar Glass Cabinet Mid-Century Modern Bookcase

Traditionally, most bookcases are designed to expose your books and decorations. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good modern mid-century bookcases that can give you privacy.

This cabinet has plenty of storage and is designed with doors to hide other objects.

It’s divided into two sections, one has glass doors for books and other items you want to show off. The other has wooden doors to keep your visitors from seeing any items you don’t want them to see.

The Homestar glass cabinet bookcase looks very genuine with its faux reclaimed wood. Although expect to invest some time and effort when putting this shelf together.


Buy The Best Mid-Century Modern Bookcases

Now that you’ve read our list of modern mid-century bookcases, you’ve got an idea of which one to buy. We’ve already given you a list of the best ones, but if nothing suits your taste, there are also plenty of varieties to choose from on the internet.