Just because we love Charles Eames

One of our favourite designers here at EMFURN is, without a doubt, Charles Eames. His pieces are innovative, comfortable and above all, super stylish. They have stood the test of time since they were first conceived, and have been awarded their rightful place in top museums around the world. We are sure that you’ll agree that Charles and his wife Ray made one sensational team, evolving furniture design for the better.

So get ready to introduce Eames designs into your home. Here are some tips to show you how to make the most of several of Eames’ most recognised and much-loved pieces.

RAR Rocking Chair

One of Eames’ most popular designs is the RAR Rocking Chair. Perfect for nurseries, children’s rooms, living rooms and even the bathroom, this quirky chair, is the seat on which to be seen! Choose a bright colour to liven up a neutral interior.

LCW Chair

Get yourself ready for a hot date or lunch with friends, as you sit back and relax at your dresser on this wooden LCW chair. We love how the natural wood contrasts with the white and pastel décor.

Eiffel Bikini Wire Chair

If you are searching for a dining chair with a difference then look no further than the Eiffel Bikini Wire Chair. This is one of the most stylish chairs ever made. The wire structure is beautifully complemented by the quirky leather cushioning on the seat and back of the chair. Why not mix and match with the Eames Eiffel DKR Wire Chair as shown in the picture below?

DSR Chair

We think the more colour the better when it comes to introducing the DSR Chair into your home.  More affordable options are available in the guise of Eames replica dining chairs.  Original or replica, it makes a great dining chair, but we think it looks brilliant in any space!  

Lounge Chair

Masculine in style, the Lounge Chair is the ultimate status symbol. It exudes class and sophistication, and is ideal for sitting back and relaxing after a tough day at work.

Why not select the White Lounge Chair? It helps to make a living room look lighter and airier. 

Elliptical Table

There are so many great chairs in the Eames collection, but he designed some pretty fantastic tables too. The ETR Elliptical Table is a real statement piece, which suits both large and small interiors.

Hang it All

If you are on a budget, then choose a cool Eames accessory like the Hang it All. We love the colourful balls on this wonderful wall hanger.

These are just some of Eames’ fabulous designs but we think that you’ll agree that these really are incredible!