Mid Century Modern Dining chairs: Our Top 5

Mid Century Modern Dining chairs: Our Top 5

With all the fuss and design advantage that the internet and computers have brought, you would think it was about time that the furniture world moved on.

But it is the opposite.

It so happens that everyone is still fixated on the pieces that were designed in the 50s ushering a renewal of mid century modern design’s popularity. Visit here for more mid century dining room chairs.

If you open a furniture and décor magazine even the most popular ones are filled with interior photo spreads of houses that have great mid-century modern design pieces. Even the talk shows will feature guests seated on an Eames chair or a Saarinen.

So if you are looking for a mid century inspired dining chair without spending too much, then this resource will be a great help in your hunt for retro dining chairs

The great thing about classics is that it’ll never go out of style. Fifty years from now these chairs will still be as popular as they are today.

Here are among the best five dining chairs that you could add to your kitchen or dinin room:



Eames Molded Plastic DSW Dining Chair

 Emfurn DAW Dining Chair - $93.50

With this chair comes to mind another great mind in mid century modern designs who was not only a great designer but also a lover of furniture and this could be seen in some of the greatest architectural pieces he ever created.

The love for detail and a flawless design with a clean finish is obvious in all his pieces and they have become record breaking designs of his era. This is one of his best.

Considered the most important chair that one could ever sit on at a round table, this was the work of none other than Charles Eames and was created in 1948 for the International Competition of Low-Cost Furniture Design.

Initially, the chair was made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic first developed by the US military during World War II but currently, authentic and replica manufacturers of this iconic chair now use polypropylene material for their production of the chairs.


2. Series 7 Chair


Series 7 Dining Chair Replica - $86.90

A product of the 1950s, this chair has been accurately replicated and continues to dazzle home enthusiasts and home décor professionals.

It was the creation of Arne Jacobsen who designed it in 1955. It featured a new technique that would see plywood bent in three dimensions.

To date about five million units have been produced exclusively by Fritz Hansen and million others as replica. It is a timeless piece.

 3. Tulip dining chair

Tulip Dining Chair Replica - $203.50

1955 seemed to be a great year for furniture design and more so the chairs, the same year that the series 7 was invented, there was another great piece of work that was released and this was thankfully due to a figure that has become all too popular in the furniture circles  Eero Saarinen.

His name has been associated with other mid-century modern chairs but this particular one is one that you would have killed for!

The Tulip fits great as a dining chair and has the smooth lines that characterize modernism and minimalism.

There are plenty of features that are unique about this chair including its bold ability to complement a dining table.

What’s more, this is considered more of a classic of industrial design which is part of the reasons why it features so highly on the list.

In Saarinen’s design, the entire chair was made of entirely fiberglass in one flawless piece.

However, it was later modified to feature a base that was made of cast aluminum to help reduce the chances of breakage.


 4. Saarinen Executive Armchair

Saarinen Executive Armchair Replica - $247.50

It would be right for one to perceive Saarinen as the Einstein of modern furniture design. 

From back in the 50s he managed to come up with great and iconic designs and this one was among the few he inspired.  This mid-century dining chair is proof that back in the day, there was no limiting creativity.

The chair was made in 1950 and its curves are quite synonymous with Saarinen’s work. It is such an immaculate design that it has even won design awards, some of them being the Museum of Modern Art Award and also the West Germany Federal Award in 1969.

Wouldn’t it be an honor owning an award winning dining chair?!

Due to its impeccable design and comfort that it has to offer, this is among the dining chairs that can also be used for a variety of other settings.

The only things that would limit how you could use this chair are perhaps your creativity and the kind of furniture you might have. Other than that, this is a winner and time tested.




  1. Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair

Emfurn style Molded Plywood Dining chair , EMFURN - 6

Emfurn Molded Plywood Dining Chair - $236.50

There would be no other befitting way to end this list than with another Eames classic. The work of Charles and Ray Eames, this is yet another classic and trend setter that was produced by the Eames’ and later grew to become amongst the greatest dining chairs in history.

To date, the Eames molded plywood dining chair is among the most sought after mid-century dining chairs and its great design is world renowned.

The chair was made in 1946 for the Herman Miller furniture company in Michigan. Even though there is a plethora of companies replicating this chair, it has not lost a bit of its charm and still amongst the most respected piece of furniture that anyone can come across.

Dining chairs are always a pain to get. While the tables are relatively a walk in the park, getting chairs that are able to replicate the glamor and elegance that you are looking for is always an uphill battle especially if you do not know what you are looking for.

But thanks to the great timeless designs of the past, it’s easier and less of a paint to create a great dining room set.

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