10 Fun Games to Play with Friends

Your house is board game in and of itself. Each room offering different challenges and outcomes for every party you have. They are all filled with memories of holiday joy and friendship. These rooms can be designed to accommodate as many people as you need. You want to ensure a comfortable seating area as well as a place that can be easily manipulated when guests come over.

You want these spaces to be inviting to anyone and everyone who comes through your front door, no guest turned away. But, keep in mind that there should be adequate seating available for everyone. Here we are going to discuss some games that will bring the whole group together for some wholesome (or not so wholesome) fun.


  1. Paper bag skits


All you need for this game are: brown paper bags, some clothing, and teams. Make sure each bag has at least five items of clothing (shirts, pants, hats, shoes, gloves, etc.) and divide the bags amongst however many teams you have. The object of this game is to have the teams act out a skit wearing what was in the bag. This game works well with kids and young teens, it allows them to get creative and break out of their shell. Also, who doesn’t love dressing up?


  1. Who am I


For this you need: small pieces of paper, pens or markers, and tape. Spread the group out so that you can all see each other’s foreheads but cannot see yours in a reflection. On the pieces of paper have everyone write down a person from pop culture or history or fictional (but not too obscure). Then take all the pieces and put them in a hat and shuffle them up. Have everyone choose a piece and stick it to their forehead with the name facing out. You can stick it with tape or by licking the back lightly. Once everyone has their names on, every person is allowed twenty yes or no questions to try and guess who they are. If you ask a question and get a “yes” answer, you may ask again. If you ask and receive a “no” answer you must pass to the next person in the circle. This game is fun because you see people really try to ask a question that only gets a yes or no answer.


  1. Charades


A classic game that involves everyone in the room. All you need for this game are pieces of paper with words or phrases written on them, a sheet of paper to keep score, watch to keep time, and a hat to mix up the choices. Basically, you split your group into two or more teams and have one person reach into the hat and pick a piece of paper. On this paper is a word or a phrase that they have to act out, without talking! The actor needs to use nonverbal communication to pantomime the word to the team. They have to do this in a sixty-second-time frame or else they lose the point. If you are looking for something to get those creative juices flowing, this is definitely your game!


  1. Catch the catch phrase


Now this game is extremely fun to play with friends for a theme party. Every single person invited will be involved from the beginning. Divide your group into two teams. Everyone on each team writes a theme related catch phrase on a piece of paper. Each person has a chance to pick a phrase and attempt to draw it while the other team guesses. They have to guess it within a thirty second timeframe or else they lose the points. This game is very fun and gets your artistic side out.


  1. Spin the bottle – truth or dare version


Another classic group game with a modern twist. Don’t worry, you are not going to be kissing other people like you did in middle school. Basically, your group sits in a circle on the floor or around your coffee table on a couch. You spin a bottle in the middle of your circle until it lands on a person. Now that person then has to either do a truth or dare. Have two bowls, one filled with prewritten truths and one with dares, near you at the table. The chosen contestant then grabs a piece of paper from one of the bowls and has to complete the task. After it is done, that paper is tossed out and cannot be reused. This is a fun game that gets everyone out of their comfort zone.


  1. Speed racer


This is a game for those guests who are not the quickest to leave the party. It is challenge based and may have them losing their breath. Set up your table with two racing tracks, double sided tape works well, and place a ping pong ball on each track. Have the two “racers” blow their ball and see who gets to the end first. The twist here is that they can only use a straw! This will get them pumped up and tired at the same time, getting them out the door faster.


  1. Monopoly


This is a timeless board game that has been known to make or break families. With everyone trying to buy the boardwalk, you will experience some real competition. The key to this game is to own the most property and end with the most amount of money. You will have to bargain and purchase your way through the board until everything is bought up. At the end tally up the points and whoever has the most is the winner. These games can last a long time so prepare yourself by bringing plenty of liquids and snacks.


  1. Poker


Card games are always a fun thing to do with your family and friends. Set up around the kitchen table and pour up some drinks. Make sure you maintain an emotionless face as the cards are dealt out, or else you will give away your move. Some friendly wagering is also a nice thing to have with your guests, especially if you are winning.


  1. Black jack


Another fun card game that gets friendly wagering involved. The main goal of this game is to beat the dealer. They will hand you one card and one card for themselves and then another. You sneakily pull your two cards up and add up the total. If it is under twenty-one you have the option to hit or stay to get as close to or at twenty-one. By hitting, you risk going over. If that happens it’s a bust and the dealer wins. If you don’t "hit" you risk the dealer hitting and winning. Your nerves will be on edge as the choices run through your head.


  1. Laughing game


Are you good at keeping a straight face? Then this game is for you. Get your group around a table or in a circle. Players take turns saying “ha”, “ho”, or “hee”. If you or anyone starts to laugh, boom you’re out. It seems easy when you read it, but in practice it is actually quite hard. You will really struggle not to laugh once your friends start saying these phrases. Keep this going until everyone is out, and the last one in gets rewarded. 


Need more ideas for fun party games at home? Watch this vid: