Wassily Style Chair

$750 $950
  • Marcel Breuer usually rode a bicycle to Bauhaus, a former German school of design, where he was a professor. His simple commute led him to perhaps the most groundbreaking breakthrough in furniture design in the 20th century - the use of tubular steel. According to Breuer, if the steel can be bent into handlebars, then it can be bent into furniture forms.

    This chair can be best described as an outline of a traditional club chair. The use of tubular steel enables the canvas seat, back and arms to appear as if it's floating in air.

    The chair was dubbed the "Wassily" after the painter Kandinsky, Breuer's friend and fellow Bauhaus instructor, who praised the design when it was first produced. This chair is also known as the Model B3 chair.

    This chair is a replica of Bruer's classic Wassily chair and not to be confused with the original.

  • 31.1" W x 28.35" H x 27.56" D Seat Height 15.35", Armrest Height 22.83cm

  • Black




  • Leather

    stainless steel

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  • Once ordered, will you let me know when it will be delivered? Will you bring it into my apartment?

    Yes, tracking will be provided. Fedex always delivers to the door however you could ask the deliveryman to bring the item to your apartment. In any case this item is pretty light so it shouldn't be too difficult to bring it up into your apartment once delivered.

  • Does the tan color on this chair look tan or does it have an orange-tan color?

    It looks tan just like in the photo

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