Barcelona Style Chair Frame Straps

  • Replacement straps for the Barcelona style chair. 17 straps in each set. Barcelona style chair cushions and Barcelona style ottoman cushions are also available. Please note that it may take 8 - 10 weeks to fulfill your order. Please view the dimensions tab to ensure that our straps will fit your frames. You may also purchase longer straps to accommodate your chair if required and purchase rivets if required. Should you decide to purchase the straps with rivets, we will drill holes into the straps for you. Please note that a rivet tool is needed to attach the straps onto the chair's frame.


  • Please be advised that the product is meant for replica chairs only. If you're purchasing for your original or vintage knoll frame, please check the dimensions to ensure that this product will fit your chair. We offer no returns or exchanges on this item. In instances where the shipping company is unable to deliver your straps, they will either hold onto your order until you pick it up or discard it, in which case we cannot be held responsible. You will need to reorder and no refund will be issued. 

  • Black


    Dark brown

    Cigar brown/tan


  •  Back: 25.25" length  

    Seat: 26.75" length

    1.50" width

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  • Are installation instructions and all parts needed to install included?

    Here's a good repair video:

    We sell straps only, however you can order rivets too if needed

  • What are tge straps made of, real leather ? How thick?

    mix of leather and composite leather. It lasts longer than full leather straps. Straps are around 0.25" thick

  • Can you supply seat straps in a 2 inch width?

    Sorry no, the width cannot be altered. All straps are 1.5" wide

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