The five awe-inspiring underground stations from in the world

They are busy. They are crowded. And for many of us they are part of daily life. Yes, that’s right – we are talking about underground stations! These fast moving places often appear to be snapshots in time rather than places that provide fascinating experiences. Yet here at EMFURN, we recently discovered that there are some underground stations across the world that are both stylish and awe-inspiring – much more impressive than those that we use in our daily lives. Whether new or old, baroque or bold, we want to visit them all. So here are some uber-cool places to watch out for travelers! Take a look at our pick of top five amazingly stylish underground stations. They make waiting for the train fun again!

Solna Station, Stockholm, Sweden

If you are on holiday in Stockholm then make sure you take a trip on the Tunelbana. On your journey don’t miss the chance to get off at Solna station where you are sure to marvel at the incredible metro tunnels. Colorfully painted with murals and left in its natural state, the rock walls and ceilings give the impression of a natural system of subterranean caverns.

Dorogomilovo District, Moscow, Russia

Pompous, gorgeous and undeniably stylish, no underground station in the world is quite as ingenious as the ornate Kievskaya, a Moscow Metro station in the Dorogomilovo District. Trains travel below sparkling chandeliers and platforms are decorated with statues, marble and mosaics. Baroque in style, this underground station makes you feel like you are walking through a palace. Truly amazing!


Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Built for the 2009 World Games, the Formosa Boulevard Station is the world’s largest circular-shaped station and features the world’s largest glass dome. In fact this station is so distinctive that it is about to be opened up as a wedding venue.

Made up of 4,500 glass panels and measuring nearly 100 feet in diameter, the “Dome of Light” took nearly four years to complete. Designed by Narcissus Quagliata, the dome tells the story of human life in four themes: Water: The Womb of Life; Earth: Prosperity and Growth; Light: The Creative Spirit; and Fire: Destruction and Rebirth.

Drassanes Station, Barcelona, Spain

We’d like to shout it out to the world – Barcelona’s Drassanes Station is simply fabulous! Bright and open, we totally fell in love with the modern and futuristic style. The station features lightweight white glass-reinforced concrete coverings that have been placed right on top of the old surfaces. In fact, one look at this station and you’d think that you were about to jet off into space rather than step onto a train!

Bored of commuting and waiting in dark, dusty places deprived of color? Take a look at Olaias Station. With its huge columns and picturesque colorful ceiling, it’s sure to add some cheer to your day! Packed with colored panels of glass in bright, vivid colors, Olaias Station was designed by Tomás Taveira and opened shortly before Expo 98.

Overall, what makes everything unique and very special is aside from the modern tech, the interior design are also exquisite as well as the mid-century modern furniture used.