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Mid Century Modern Decor & Style Ideas

With the year 2022 lurking over our heads, believe it or not, but the ingenious interior decor of the 1950s is still a fad today. Homeowners are flooring the furniture market to grab mid-century modern decor, hunting for the most...

 Pooja Devi

Mid-Century Modern Ideas: How To Work The Look In A Modern Home

Mid-century modern homes are very light and they stick to a minimalistic style and function-follows-form principle. Due to this, these designs have been a living breathing trend since its beginning after World War II. Mid-century modern furniture takes as little...

 Pooja Devi

The Egg Chair

    The Egg chair is different and unique from other furniture items in all the aspects starting from its design, manufacturing technique, layout and style. It was initially designed by Arne Emil Jacobsen in 1958.  Jacobsen was a fine...

 Danny Sattar