Best Modern Lighting Ideas 2018

When the sun goes down, the house must look welcoming. It is only possible with good indoor lighting. When decorating your home, one of the most important things is the lighting. It makes a lot of difference because no matter how great the furniture is or how amazing the decoration is if the lighting is not good it is not going to work out. With the right kind of lighting, you can make ordinary things look bold and beautiful, and if the lighting is not correct, even the good looking room looks boring and dull. In this article, we are going to talk about the modern lighting, new lighting trends, and accessories.


Let’s start with chandeliers, which mean luxury. They provide the most elegant lighting fixture option. If you require a dramatic decorative element for your room, a chandelier is meant for you then! They are best known for decorative purposes as they can increase the beauty of any space. When decorating your dining area, you must go for a chandelier because when all other lights are dimmed, the chandelier can create a calming atmosphere for a candle light dinner. There are many types of chandeliers available in the markets. Some of the chandeliers are available with the option of candles instead of bulbs.

For your living room, dining area or drawing room, I would recommend you to get crystal chandelier. If you need one for the dining room, you must hang it in the middle of the dining table for better lighting and good effects. Make sure it is one foot narrower than the dining table.

For the kitchen or the stairs, you should get wrought iron chandelier or art deco chandelier. In the kitchen, you must hang the chandelier in the middle of the breakfast table.

For the bedroom or other private spaces, you should go for Tiffany chandeliers or even art deco would work fine.


Up next are the lamps. If you want everything to look good as well as original, choose the options of lamps. Lamps look pretty, and they will surely make your space look better than ever before. You can add different details to your space with the help of lamps. There are many kinds of lamps available in the markets these days.

Starting with the ceiling lamps, the first and the main part of décor is the ceiling of the space. Have you heard of ceiling lamps before? You can attach them to the ceiling, and they look extremely pretty by all means.

Floor lamps, another trending thing that you must get are the floor lamps. You can keep them around in your living room around the sofa or the couch. You can also keep them in your study room or somewhere in your dressing room as well. They have an ability to make any space look more expensive than it actually is.

Table lamps, how can we forget about the amazing lamps that we can keep around anywhere in the house?! Well, table lamps are again a symbol of luxury; they look absolutely great no matter where you keep them. I would suggest you keep two table lamps at two side tables in your drawing room to make a good impression for you guests. You can keep them in your bedroom as well so that you don’t have to keep the lights switched on every night at the time you sleep.

Pendant lamps, last but not the least, one thing that is a must to give the final touches to your house is a pendant lamp. You can hang it in the middle of the breakfast table in the kitchen; the minimal light of this lamp will provide you with a very calming atmosphere while you eat. You can hang three to four pendant lamps in the stairs as well. They are not very big in size, and they will make your space look remarkable and very well decorated.

Wall lights

The simplest thing you can do and the thing that you will find in every house is the wall light. Wall lights are necessary for every house no matter what space you are talking about, even the bathroom and the store. The time is gone when the wall lights were simple and plain, these days you can find many amazing wall lights in different shapes and multiple frames. Go for the amazing industrial wall lights when decorating the house, they will make your space look modern and understated in a matter of minutes only; you can thank me later for this!

LED lights

The last and the final option that I would like to discuss is the LED lighting in the house. LED lights are great as they consume very little electricity, which makes them economical for everyone. You can get LED lights fixed inside the walls. LED lights are available in the markets in many shapes and a number of designs as well, you can use them for the corner of the walls and on the flat surfaces as well.

All the above-stated lighting techniques are trending these days. In order to get a modern décor, you must follow this article. If you are thinking to redecorate your space, take out some time and think about the ways you can improve the lighting. For this, you need to keep the essential gadgets at home so that you can fix the lighting whenever required, consider purchasing a tile cutter and a drill machine. The correct lighting will make your space look beautiful and even better than it ever was. I hope this article helps you out! Have a wonderful day!