Make your own festive decorations!

How about adding a personal touch to the festive feel of your home?  Craft your own Christmas decorations to make the atmosphere of your place unique and enchanting.  Want some easy ideas and themes for an instant lift of the festive mood?

It is a classic and we all know it, but paper Christmas snowflakes are probably the easiest, yet very effective way to create your own winter wonderland.  Varying in shapes and sizes, your paper snowflakes can hang along shelves or cabinets for a white Christmas look.  Here at the EMFURN office we also made our own paper trees, paper stars, even paper elks. It is fun to make them and great to look at. In addition to these cool stuff, you can add simple yet attractive furniture.

Tulip style dining table

This modern styled 40” tulip style marble dining table is a good match to any festive decorations. You can still add on tulip style chairs - white with velvet red couch is a good choice. You can place this glossy piece even at the side of the living room or lounge. Since it has a single stem it does not occupy much space like a traditional dining table. 

White TV Stand

Here’s another tip on having a festive decoration. If you are not sure what to do with your Christmas cards you can tie them up on a piece of string and use them as another way to decorate your living space.  Hang them on your mantlepiece or above a mirror.  Use the bold coloured cards to liven up any accessory and dress it up with the Christmas spirit – like a birdcage that has turned into a beautiful card display. Speaking of hanging it around, you can also add this Emfurn’s bestseller Amy White TV Stand and at the wall on top of it, you can have your cards as a decoration. This can be the center of your living room or lounge and it will definitely add a balanced presence for your festive decorations. 


Since it seems like we’re done with some furniture to add in the ground. Let’s make wonderful creations on the ceiling. Wondering what to do with the extra fairy lights? Turn your hallway into a Christmas fairy tale by draping the lights across the ceiling making the entrance to your home a twinkling feria. It will look extra amazing! You can also add in there the Aura 20 Inch Chandelier. The circle of revolution displayed by the Aura Series introduces spontaneous brilliance that reflects powerfully throughout any room. It will complement your fairy lights and decorative designs within the area. 

Another tip we could have is, you can also create an impressive window display using glass jars with winter flowers. Tie them up with a white or red ribbon and hang them from the window rail.  Fill with flowers and a branch of red berries to add your own personal touch.

Lastly, if you feel like, there’s still awkward empty spaces that need to be filled inand that space is too small for an accent chair but way too big for just a side table. If blank spaces are making you uncomfortable, the good news is that we have the best options, and one of those is to place a plant on it. It will provide a tropical escape for anyone who enters, and empty corners have been spruced up with lively green-leaved friends.

For a festive Christmas dinner use bright coloured napkins as well as some green, silver, or white faux flowers to give an instant lift to your dining atmosphere.

Have a wonderful holiday season!