A Mini Guide to a Luxury Living Room

I am sure you all have heard of the fact that living room is known as the face of the house. It is the center of attention in every house no matter how big or small it is; the living room should be luxurious. It is that one room in the house where you spend most of your time, talking, relaxing, watching television and the place where you receive your guests. These are the many reasons why it is crucial to have a beautiful living room because the decoration of the living room tells a lot about you and your taste. Here is a mini guide to a luxury living room. Have a look at them:

All White Everything

Choosing a theme for the living room is a great idea so why not keep it all white? There is nothing more extravagant than a classic white living room with crisp white furniture, white rugs and silver mirrors. For this, you can choose plain white curtains but take care of the material. For a more expensive look, you can have silk curtains. Same goes for other things, keep the walls white, choose white marble flooring and a white rug or a rug in some light color like sky blue, light gray and any similar color.

Lighting to Consider

Lighting is that one thing you should take very seriously because the lighting you choose can make up your living room in minutes and can break it in seconds. If you choose the best lighting, your living room will look all more expensive than it actually is. You can have a nice chandelier, ideally, a crystal chandelier because it is clear and more luxurious in looks. In the case you don’t like crystal chandeliers; you can use an art décor chandelier. It looks equally stylish and amazing. Other than this, if you have a fixed budget, ditch those expensive chandeliers and go for ceiling lamps. Ceiling lamps are back in trend; they look absolutely gorgeous in every way. There are many ceiling lamps that are bigger in size and look more like a chandelier. Also, you can keep floor lamps in your living room, preferably in the corners for a better look.

Add Greens

To make your living room look calmer, you can add lots of greens to it. Green is a color that naturally soothes the eyes and has the ability to make everything look relaxing. You can greens to your living room in many ways, for example, you can have green floor cushions or green pillows for the sofas and the couch that you have. You can also keep indoor green plants. It is not just soothing for the eyes but makes your space look more airy. Also, the plants will make the atmosphere oxygenated for you. You can even choose a nice green rug with geometric print or some other decent print. Avoid the rugs with floral print or anything that is too loud.

Elegance Escape

The living room should be two things, modern and elegant. You can select the furniture that is not just comfortable but is classy. Get the furniture that is small in height because low furniture is always more comfortable than the other ones. Also, keep the furniture neutral in color, it should not be bright in color but not light either. Another thing is to pay attention to the details. You can add a console to the living room to create a statement or have a wooden round central table that can add drama to your space. You can also make a statement using curvy furniture like some industrial wooden coffee table with rustic steel legs or some nice chair with a curved seat. This way you can add that touch of elegance to your space that everyone desires.

Keep it all Minimal

Another important step in the decoration of a luxury living room is to keep everything minimal. Keep everything simple; remember the key role here that less is more. Flooding the room with furniture, decorative pieces, and art pieces would make everything look more suffocated and will make the living room look small. This is the reason you should keep it all minimal so that the room looks bigger and cleaner.

A Mini Bar

The last thing you can do to add that luxurious look to your living room is to set up a mini bar at a corner in the living room. Even if you don’t really like drinking, it is a good thing for the guests. You can make a wall side bar with small pendant lamps. Look for some cool bar stools, three to four are enough for a small bar. Try to keep everything wooden so that it looks warm and expensive. Hang the glasses on top of the bar area and keep the bottles on the floating shelves. Floating shelves are easy to maintain as compared to the built-in shelves like cabins, they are easy to clean and they look quite fashionable.

If we have the means, we sometimes go out of our budget, it is known as a luxury. If your living room is luxurious, it tells a lot about your choice, preference and your personal living. Just keep it all trendy and fashionable. You can check out our rundown of incredible living room arrangements and see for yourself what suits you the most! I hope it helps. Have a wonderful day!