Living Room Essential Checklist

If you are moving into a new home then it can be very difficult for you to keep track of all the things needed in every room. The main room after your bedroom is the living room because this is where you will lounge, hang out with friends and family, and even eat dinner sometimes. In order to make sure your living room is filled with the essentials; it is a smart idea to keep a checklist; read on below to learn about the living room essentials so you do not miss out on anything.

Where To Start From?

It can be a scary idea to fill up your living space on your own and even though an interior designer can help, they can be pretty expensive to hire. For this reason, having a living room checklist is the perfect solution to this dilemma. Continue reading to learn all about filling up your living room and where to start.

First things first, where are you going to sit in the living room? When it comes to decorating your living room, this is the most important factor to consider because you will be spending most of your time here. There are many different options to choose from and the most common one is sofas. Sofas are the first thing that pops in your head because they are comfortable, allow you to completely lie down, and also cuddle up with your loved ones. You can also opt for reclines and chairs but this can be an addition to the sofas because they will be used as additional seating if you have guests over. Sofas are the most important thing in your living room and should be your first purchase. Also, once you purchase them, you will be able to figure out how much space is left in the room and then shop for the other items on the checklist accordingly.

The next thing to look out for is tables because if you are sitting around and having a cup of tea, popcorn, or even dinner, a table is a must. Not only do these tables provide you with a practical purpose, but they look extremely stylish and help finish off the arrangement. You can even opt for accent tables and give priority to style over function. When choosing the table for your living room you need to pay special attention to the height; you do not want the height to be taller than the sofa or armchair. This way you will enjoy your living room and at the same time give it a complete look. Moreover, when it comes to tables you also need a coffee table that you can place in between the chairs or recliners. This coffee table will allow your guests to drink coffee without continuously holding the coffee cup.

Lighting is another very important part of your living room and you need to make sure you pay special attention to it. That being said, floor lamps and side table lamps are an ideal part of your living room modern furniture. Not only do these lights look incredibly good but they also help in making you do your work in a comfortable manner. So if you want to read or work in the living room, these lights can help you out. Moreover, better lights can give your living room a spacious feel and a good ambiance. Choose stylish-looking lights with a gorgeous design and add them to your room. Nowadays, long-hanging lights are the trend and they look absolutely stunning when placed in the room’s corner.

Why is the living room a very comfortable and fun place to hang out? Well, the answer is simple, because of the TV. TV allows all family members to enjoy, hang around and have fun and for this reason, a TV stand is an essential furniture item for your living room. However, it is important that you pay attention to your needs before getting this stand. If you have a simple television in the living room then a basic TV stand will do but if you have other entertainment items such as PlayStation set up, DVD’s or other electronics and accessories, then getting a media console is a better idea. There are many stylish options for you to choose from that will allow you to include all your entertainment items and still give a minimalist look. So, make sure you get the one suited to your needs and enjoy your living room set up.

  • Decor

The last thing you need to focus on for your living room is the decor. Once you fill it up with the above-mentioned items, you need to decorate the space so that it gives a cozy and fun vibe. Your living room is the most important place of your house, it is where you will hang out with your family, it is where your guests will sit when they come over and it is the place that everyone will view. Bedrooms are important too but not everyone gets to see how your bedroom looks; however, your living room will be seen by whoever comes into your house. So don’t get lazy when it comes to decorating it. Opt for statement pieces, vibrant pots and plants, a piece of artwork, some books on the table, area rugs, and more. You can even get a throw to place on the sofa so that you can cuddle up during movie times. Another smart decor idea is a bar cart since they add sophistication and style to your living room.


Standing in an empty living room is a daunting feeling especially if you do not know where to start. With so many options for decoration, furniture, accessories to choose from, it is okay to feel scared. However, with the help of the checklist mentioned above, you can easily start filling up your living room space and make smart decisions. So, what are you waiting for? Head out to the store today and make your home feel warm and cozy today.