Cosy up for Christmas!

We’re so excited that Christmas Day is on its way! Not only do we love getting together with family and friends to celebrate the holidays, we also love putting up festive decorations and making our homes come alive. With this in mind we thought that it was about time that we shared some of our favourite Christmas interiors with you. We love how beautifully decorated these homes are – whether traditional or modern.

So take a look at how just a few decorations can make a home look so special – well, we think so anyway!

Now this interior shouts traditional! A beautiful log fire around which to warm your hands from the cold, a wooden rocking chair, candles and a red and white themed Christmas tree… This picture evokes a warm and cosy family Christmas.

A little less traditional than the first, the people who designed this home love elegance. It’s all about white, from the Christmas tree decorations to these chairs, similar in style to Arne Jacobsen’s Ant Chairs. We can just imagine that a truly sophisticated menu will be on the cards for the guests at this dinner table! Lobster anyone?


A little bit rustic, this cool industrial-style table, set for Christmas dinner, is bright, colourful and definitely stylish! We love the distressed look of the table and the unique hanging tree.

We put this next picture on our Instagram page, which is how we know that you love this cool dining area as much as we do. Obviously we love the DAW Chairs, but we also adore the minimalist approach to Christmas decorations that has been taken in this home. A hanging wreath and some sparse baubles make this a Christmas with a touch of class!

A stunning, white table, surrounded by Panton Chairs make this Christmas table setting simple, yet eye-catching. Beautiful and simple baubles work as a centrepiece bringing this table to life.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday!