How to Make Your Old Furniture Look Modern

As the old saying goes, “trends come and go, but style is forever.” Dealing with the transition to a new space can be an exciting experience on many levels. However, fitting our old pieces of furniture into unique and modern decors can be a challenging feat. The size of your couch may be too large or too small, while your dining set may look old-fashioned or weathered. Your armchairs may also have the wrong color that mismatches with your newly decorated space, and you might find it incredibly distracting and jarring. 

While home decorating is a fun undertaking, some homeowners are functioning on a budget. However, a piece of stuck-in-the-past home furniture does not mean that your entire space has to go granny as well. Instead of throwing shabby and worn out items, give them a new lease of life with a quick and creative transformation. With a coat of your favorite paint, a strip of floral-patterned wallpaper, or even some retro wall decors, you can transform any of your tired home furniture into treasured pieces in no time.

5 Ways to Give New Life to Your Old Piece of Furniture

Do you have any old furniture hanging around your home? Did you inherit some old home decors from your grandparents, but you have no idea how to fit it into your modern, contemporary style? 

If you want to revamp your well-loved old piece of furniture, but you are not sure how to start, here are some handy tips to give your outdated furnishings a second life as a useful – even stylish item:

  • Reupholster your old sofa

Want to perk up your old piece of furniture like new upholstery? Although it would take some excellent DIY skills, you can do it if you are patient and willing to learn. But before you commit to this undertaking, it is essential to consider that reupholstering an old couch may end up costing more than when you buy a new one. To save a few dollars, you can use an existing seat and back cushion inserts as they are not grody.


  • Use spray paint for your old furniture

For your outdoor home decors and piece of furniture, nothing beats spraying a few coats of spray paint. Choose the right formula for spray paint that would work on outdoor furniture and would suit the elements perfectly. To start, thoroughly clean the furniture by scrubbing off rust and scuffs, then let it dry completely. Use rubber gloves and a mask while you spray to avoid respiratory allergies. Always remember to spray the furniture with even strokes.


  • Make some decorative cover cloth

One of the easiest ways to transform your old furniture into a modern décor is to cover its surface with decorative material. For instance, if your sofa needs updating, select the right fabric to cover it since it can alter the look of your entire space and make your old couch look brand new.


Meanwhile, if you prefer a cost-efficient update, cotton twill is an ideal option. It is a tight weave that doesn’t wear out immediately and can withstand high-traffic use for several years. When durability is the primary concern, leather materials can work well in both modern and traditional home space.  


  • Decorate the surface

You can breathe new life into your plain old furniture and cabinets by adding some pattern on its surfaces. You can spice up your dresses and consoles by painting the entire furniture with a bold color, then adding a graphic punch and hand-painted patterns to the door fronts. For a surprising twist on wooden chests and cabinets, you can go with dual finishes. Keep the exterior stained, then reveal a solid painted color for the interior, and see how the color scheme of the space reflects the furniture in a sophisticated manner.

Old-timey home decors can look brand new and modern pieces thanks to decorative patterns, colorful paints, and creative minds. Remember that there are no rules to what you can do to your furniture items, so think outside the box! But if money is not an issue, and you want to add new furniture to your home, nod toward the old while bringing in the new with Emfurn today. Shop now!