Fantastic Built-To-Scale Saarinen Tulip Table Replica

Fantastic Built-To-Scale Saarinen Tulip Table Replica

However, if you're a fan of modern design, then you'll love this fantastic tulip table replica by Finnish artist Eero Saarinen. Measuring over eight feet wide and six feet tall, this beautiful piece is painstakingly built to scale using proper woodworking techniques. Moreover, If you're interested in adding a touch of class to your home décor, don't miss out on this fantastic Table!

This tulip table replica is fantastic! Not only is it a beautiful piece of furniture, but it was also built to scale, meaning each item was carefully crafted to match the original. If you're looking for a unique and one-of-a-kind gift, this tulip table replica is worth considering.

How is the Saarinen Tulip Table Made?

Eero Saarinen created the Saarinen Tulip Table in 1951 and was constructed of metal, wood, and glass. At the moment, it may be seen at the MOMA in New York City. A group of Swedish designers and artisans made the Saarinen Tulip Table replica. Glass, acrylic, birch plywood, and stainless steel, and these materials are used in the portrayal.

The Saarinen Tulip Table has been a beloved fixture in many museums and homes worldwide for over seventy years. The design was initially commissioned by the wealthy industrialist Aarne Saarinen for his home in Trossingen, Germany. The tulip table is an iconic feat of engineering and artistry, and its construction is a marvel.

The tulip table comprises a series of solid wood frames fitted together like a giant puzzle. The edges are carved from one piece of wood and are precisely crafted to hold each other perfectly. The joints are tight and smoothly finished, without gaps or sharp edges. The tulip table takes more than two hundred hours to build, and it is only available in the most limited quantities.

The tulip table is a masterpiece of modern design, and it is still popular today. It is a beautiful addition to any home and can be used for countless purposes. 

A Brief History of the Tulip Table by Eero Saarinen

The TULIP TABLE, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1956 to solve the same issue as chair legs and be used as a dining table or a coffee table in the living room, combines excellent functionality and elegance with the chairs to make a stunning ensemble.

The TULIP table's pedestal base was made of die-cast aluminum with a protective Rilsan coating or paint. Use the TULIP line. Both for their functionality and aesthetic appeal, Eero Saarinen created extremely contemporary furnishings for the period that may still be included in any furnishing project.

The Materials and Components of the Saarinen Tulip Table

The Saarinen tulip table replica was created from a welded steel frame, and the surface is covered in a silicone layer. The representation can hold up to 20 people, and each chair was individually fitted with springs to ensure comfort.

The replica's base is made of concrete and bolted to the floor, while the arms are made of steel pipe bent into a curve. The Table itself weighs 350 pounds and takes around two hours to construct.

The Assembly Process of the Saarinen Tulip Table

The article includes a video of how to assemble the replica tulip table. The tulip table is made of wood and metal and is approximately 36 inches tall and 24 inches wide. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be used in any room.

The Saarinen Tulip Table replica was created with meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. The representation was made from a 1:1 scale model of the original tulip table, which was then assembled using period-appropriate materials and techniques.

The team used wood from old barns in the area to create the replica, and acanthus leaves were sourced from an old garden. They also used genuine silver leaf, which was imported from Italy. The paint job on the replica was done by hand using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques.

The Saarinen Tulip Table replica is a beautiful piece of art that is perfect for any room in your home. However, If you are nosy about buying the model, don't hesitate to contact the team directly for more information.

Final Thoughts on the Saarinen Tulip Table

The Saarinen Tulip Table was an iconic design by Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen, and it's a replica that's sure to impress. This Table is made from wood and metal and has a scale that's perfect for displaying flowers or other small items. However, It's also easy to haul around, so you can put it where you want it.

The Saarinen tulip table is a must-see if you're looking for a beautiful example of modern design. This incredible replica is built to scale and is stunning. Whether you're in the market for a unique piece of furniture or want to see some excellent engineering, this is a must-see.

Since I can remember, I've been fascinated by furniture design, so I was overjoyed when I first saw the Saarinen Tulip Table. The sheer size of the replica is remarkable and brings the design to life.