8 Pieces Of Furniture You Need In Your House Today

If you are tired of seeing the same designs and decor ideas in the magazine and want a change then you have come to the right place. Whether you want to upgrade your round dining room tables or outdoor lounge chairs, we can help you out. There are many ways to upgrade your home but the easiest way is with the help of elegant and timeless furniture pieces. So read on below and learn about the top 8 pieces you can get to elevate your home today.

1. Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield sofa goes back to the 1700s but due to its iconic design, it is still a must-have piece of furniture today. The deep-button design and low seating make it a popular sofa for hotel lobbies and modern-style living rooms. Whether you want to use it in modern decor or a traditional one, the Chesterfield sofa blends right in. The fabric on this sofa is usually leather or even Belgian linen to give it textural qualities. If you want to amp up your living room, this sofa is perfect for you.

2. The Straight Chair

This chair was designed in 1946 by George Nakashima and is still a gorgeous and classic piece of furniture to own in your home. The design is very antique which can make it slightly difficult to pair it with modern indoor decor, but you can use it as an outdoor lounge chair easily. Even though the original style is a must-have, but if you want to get this piece for indoor lounge chairs then you can go for the modern interpretation of this seating. What makes this piece stand out is the shallow depressive cut that is designed to provide you with utmost comfort all day long.

3. Secretary Desk

A secretary desk is a very versatile furniture piece that focuses on extreme practicality. Its versatility makes it very timeless and a must-buy for all home offices in today’s covid situation. This desk has a chest of drawers at the bottom which you can utilize, a bookcase on the top for all your books, and a concealed desk surface that you can use when you are working or studying. Even though you may think that all secretary desks have a very traditional style, but this is not the case. This timeless piece has been modernized to give a very contemporary look so that it can fit in mid-century modern decor houses today.

4. Canopy Bed

You may think that these beds are no longer elegant furniture pieces but this is where you are wrong. This bed is a classic and depending on its design it can give you a grand look or even a dreamy look. Due to this, you can place the bed in any room size or even style. The best part about the canopy bed is that the style it comes in is extremely aesthetically pleasing. The decor on the bed is very modern and this makes it suitable for master suites or even guest bedrooms so that they can feel like royalty.

5. Barcelona Couch

The Barcelona Couch is a part of the 1929 Barcelona collection alongside the Barcelona Chair. Another name for this piece is the Barcelona Daybed and it makes use of a mixture of metal and leather to achieve a gorgeous look. The chromatic finish present on the outer frame ensures an urban and futuristic look whereas the single bolster present on the side gives it a simplistic appearance. If you want a furniture piece for a small apartment or studio, then this is what you need. You can also pair it with a Barcelona Chair for a more complete look. This chair also used the same metal and leather pairing which allows it to go well together.

6. Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are an Asian and Middle Eastern style rug that goes back to 200 C.E. It is a furniture piece that won’t go out of style due to its vibrant color and extremely unique design. One look at this carpet and you will see the pure timelessness this rug exudes. Due to its traditional yet contemporary style, you can place it in any room you want regardless of the decor and style. It pulls the color scheme together and adds a soft touch under your feet.

7. Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirror originates from the island Murano which is in Venice and since then this mirror has been a timeless and classic piece of furniture for homes today. Centuries ago, the craftsmanship used in its creation was kept as a secret so only royals and wealthy people could purchase them but today they are popping up everywhere. The latest TikTok trend of taking mirror pictures in the garden utilized this mirror along with shows such as Bridgerton. Venetian Mirror adds a touch of royalty to your whole and instantly makes your place luxurious.

8. The Louis Mirror

This is another traditional mirror that represents the royals of French history and has timeless characteristics to it. Another name for this mirror is The French Mirror and it comes in different sizes and shapes. You can get this mirror with the finishing that fits your home decor and makes your room stand out. Even though these mirrors are designed to fit a traditional type of style, you can easily pair them with contemporary and modern themes as well. It has straight sides and gentle curves that accentuate one another and add a touch of elegance wherever you place it.


When decorating your home you need to invest in the right kind of products so that you do not have to worry about trends changing. By buying classic and timeless furniture pieces you can say goodbye to trends and enjoy these pieces in every room. The above-mentioned pieces do not go out of style and can be a must-buy for new homeowners; the best part is that they can blend well with traditional and modern decor so what are you waiting for?