Retro Modern Vintage Decor: Designer Furniture by Arne Jacobsen

June 10, 2015

Vintage Retro Modern Décor: Overview
Retro modern vintage décor means different things to different people. There are the people who collect Mid Century Modern retro décor from the 1950s through the 1970s and there are others who are not interested in the vintage of their retro modern décor. These people want to have the streamline and atomic appearance of the Mid Century décor pieces without the vintage and the hunt.

The mid century modern designers, who had such an influence on the design and style of that era, were concerned about style and design. In addition, they were very interested in how the style and design played into the functionality of daily living. There was an emphasis on less is better, so the days of the overstuffed couches and chairs was thrown out the window.

Vintage Retro Modern Décor: Jetsons 
Designs that have an atomic space-age look arrive on the scene after World War II. If you have ever seen the Jetsons cartoon, you have seen vintage, retro, mid century design with an emphasis on functionality. The Jetson's were a family of the future who had a house full of modern gadgets, including a robot housekeeper named Rosie. Conveyor belts moved the family around their home. Egg chairs, styled after the famous Egg Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen, were strategically placed around the home and provided not only comfort but distraction because of its chamber-like seating.

Vintage Retro Modern Décor: Arne Jacobsen 
Arne Jacobsen is one of the most renowned of mid century modern designers from the 20th century. His vintage retro modern Egg Chair is undoubtedly the most famous chair he designed. Other popular retro vintage modern chairs designed by Jacobsen include the Swan Chair and what is called his Series 7 Chairs. Jacobsen is also known for his design called the Swan Loveseat, a companion piece to the Swan Chair.

As with many of the designers during the mid century modern period, Jacobsen was a designer and an architect. Early in his career (1952), Jacobsen collaborated with Fritz Hansen to design what is called the Ant Chair . The form of vintage retro modern design used in the Ant Chair morphed into Jacobsen's later designer Series 7 chairs. These vintage retro modern décor pieces were specifically designed for use in the reception area and lobby of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

The Swan Chair remains one of the most popular pieces designed by Jacobsen and is being reproduced. A reproduction Swan Chair can be purchased for anywhere from $300 to over $3,000.00. A genuine vintage Jacobsen Swan Chair, in excellent condition could sell for as much $2,000.00 or more depending on the color, red is quite coveted, and the condition. Protection Status

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