The Eames Executive Chair

Eames Executive Work Chairs, also known as “Time-Life chair”, were created along with the Eames walnut stools, for the three ultramodern lobbies of the Time-Life Building in 1960. George Nelson was tasked to design and appropriately furnish US pavilion at the Moscow world exhibition in 1959. He asked Charles Eames for necessary assistance. Because of the requirement to work fast, Eames called his friend Henry Luce, the chairman of Time-Life and asked him for the provision of Time-Life's vast archive and assistance on his task. Luce's only condition was that Eames return the help one day.
That exhibition was an astonishing success. An year after the exhibition, Luce asked Eames for designing a chair for the executive floors of his new building. Charles Eames, the master of architecture and modern design responded with the Time-Life chair and walnut stools. This was the first time this decent furniture item was designed. 
Today, Eames executive chair holds a unique position and fills any executive space in a dignified manner. It is an emblem of grace and exclusivity. Its pairing of sleek, chromed aluminum, a densely padded foam seat and backrest bring together two very different materials in a stunning combination of taste and comfortable functionality. Our reproduction model is a fine replica of the original design.
The Elite Modern Furniture reproduction is no stranger to the luxury exuded by the Eames original. With its sumptuously padded seat cushion and height-adjustable swivel base, as well as a range of Italian leather colors, our reproduction Lobby Executive Chair is perfect for home or corporate offices. The product has been refined to the optimum skills and finishing abilities of our dedicated team. Our spirit and resolve to ensure provision of quality items make us put in extra care and effort to bring in the best possible item to you in the minimum possible rates. Our product is a true sense of luxury and class and affords following features:
360-degree rotating seat giving it a sense of flexibility and ease to the user.
Adjustable tilt and height allows the user to adjust the chair as per the requirement making it a user friendly item.
The chair is available in a range of luxurious colors. All the colour have their unique and special appearance and class.
Comfortable, padded elegance with 100% full Italian leather making it a highly usable for smooth and effective working environment. 
Commercial grade gas lifting system improving the quality of the product.  
This Lobby Executive Chair is one of the most striking office chairs in our collection. Its design reflects the spirit of the 60’s, with its excessive proportions and luxurious materials, and is truly decadent compared to other office chairs of today. This luxury chair definitely demands a deliberate contemplation while making any decision for adding soberness, elegance and comfort in any space. Once selected, it will definitely speak of your refined taste and electiveness.