Let your hair down! Rooms to Relax

Okay, so we all know that men need their own space. Recently on interior design website, Houzz, Mitchell Parker posted an argument on this very subject, and showed us some very cool and unique rooms designed for men. What’s more we completely agree that men should get the time to enjoy their caves. But hang on a minute! What about women? Don’t they need a place to kick back, unwind and let their hair down too? Of course they do, which is why we looked around for the ideal place for women to kick off their high heels and forget all about their worries.

To start with we know what we DON’T want. We might like the colour pink but it doesn’t mean we want overkill! This room, for example, is the stuff of nightmares… Have you ever seen so much chintz in one place?

Why should men have all the fun? Just because we are women doesn’t mean that we don’t want to invite our friends around to watch our favourite films in cinematic style. Comfortable and cool, this room is perfect for lounging whilst watching movies. And the brilliant Beat Lights by Tom Dixon ensure that this room is definitely not too girly!

Sometimes we just want to chill out and listen to music. This wondrous white room is tranquil and relaxing, but what we love most is the hammock suspended from the wooden beam. We think this is the ultimate chill out zone.

And again it’s white, with wooden beams, but what’s not to love! A special built in bookcase to store our favourite books, carefully placed pebbles (well maybe stones!) allowing us to be one with nature, and a wooden lounger… pure bliss!

For those of us who love to read, this room is cosy, calm and the ideal place for us to be transported away into a fantasy world. Poul Kjaerholm’s PK22 Rattan Lounge Chairs make this room look super stylish.

This beautiful attic room is typical New England style, clean, homely and full of light. We love the contrasting furniture, which appears to fit together perfectly despite the eclectic styles.

So treat yourself to your own special space. Make some room, where you can spend some time by yourself or with friends. We deserve a cave of our own too! But our caves will be truly beautiful…