Best Home Bar Decor Ideas According to Your Entertaining Style

Are you one of those who loves to party? If yes, then start with a bar of your own. You can set up a mini bar at home or a proper bar in some club if you have a high budget. It is a great business as well as something that you enjoy and love doing yourself.

If you are going to set up a bar at your home, it is the best way you can display your personal sense of style. You can replicate your experiences of different night outs at different clubs and casinos. Here we have some of the best ways you can decorate a home bar of your own. Have a look at the following tips and make your dream of having a personal bar true:

Location of the Bar:

The first thing that you should think about before setting up a home bar is the location. You should determine how much space you have that you can use for this purpose. You must have a sitting space for at least 8 to 10 people. Then choose the location and then the decoration. Your home bar will display your sense of style.

If you want to make a seated home décor, you must choose an exclusive location for it. One of the best locations at home for the bar would be the basement area. Utilize the basement of your house and make it the center of your entertaining world. You can also create a single wall wet bar; you can decorate it with cabinets for glassware and a sink made up of decorative tiles. The storage unit is also a must when setting up a bar; you should have a proper storage area to store the whiskey, wine, and stuff. Another thing that you must have is a refrigerator.

Choose a Theme:

Whenever you need to decorate any space, the first step is to select the theme. Choose a theme according to your personal choice of colors and things. For example, if you are obsessed with football, choose a theme with a green background and add a vibrant pop of colors in it. If you love car racing, go for a dark colored theme like black and red, or blue. After you are done choosing the theme, add contrasting furniture.

You add little detailed to the bar according to your theme. For example, if you like FC Barcelona, you can use them wallpaper of FC Barcelona’s flag for the bar counter to increase the feeling of excitement. Other than all this, pay good attention to the seating arrangement you have made. Also, you must make sure that the seating area is accessible from all the sides and it is not open to damage. You can use a console as well. Make a list of the stock items that you require so that everything gets more convenient for you.

Accessories for the Bar:

Another important thing to the home bar is the accessories. The accessories will give your bar a proper shape. The table or the counter that you get made should be large enough so that keeping the bottles and snack together gets easier. Then there are the bar stools. Bar stools are very important because they can affect your enjoyment time more than any other thing, if the bar stool is comfortable, you are surely going to get a good time, but in the case the stool is hard and uncomfortable, it will get difficult for you to relax and enjoy so choose the bar stools wisely. You must keep in mind that a bar stool should be comfortable as well as moderate in height, it should not be very high, but it should not be too low either. The color of the bar stools should complement the color of the counter or the table. Other than these things, you can also use customized pillows for added comfort. You can add small cushion-like pillows to make the bar look cozier. Pillows are very effective in adding a cozy touch to pretty much everything. You can get the cushions customized according to the theme of your bar.


When decorating the bar, how can one forget about the lighting? Lighting is very important because good light can make any space look ten times better than it actually is. This is why after you have set up the bar, the final touches would be the lighting. You can get a nice rustic chandelier or an art deco chandelier for the bar. An art deco chandelier will add the look of extravagance to your bar, and the rustic chandelier will make the bar look luxurious and vintage at the same time like most of the wine houses are.

If you want to decorate the bar in a limited budget, you can get pendant lamps or ceiling lamps. Simply attach the ceiling lamp in the middle of the bar; it will create a dim and relaxing atmosphere, exactly what one needs in a place like a bar. You can also hang the pendant lamps on the counter area; they look more than amazing. I would call it, elegance at its best! The last thing I want to mention here is that make sure not to flood the bar with light.

All of the ways mentioned above are going to help you in setting up a bar at home and decorating it. It is the most convenient option for everyone out there who loves to party. I hope this article helps you out. Stay safe everyone and have a great day!