Just because we love George Nelson!

At EMFURN we are mad for mid-century modern style, a significant design movement that blends arresting shapes, graphic patterns and quirky accent pieces. George Nelson is one of the names that comes to mind immediately when you think of this style. His pieces are as popular today as they were when they were first introduced, proving that good design is always on trend. That is why we’ve decided it is time to dedicate a post to his fantastic work. Take a look at some of our favourite pieces and prepare to be inspired!

Coconut Chair

Picture yourself sitting in a coconut slice… Seems a bit uncomfortable, right? We are sure you will change your mind after sinking into George Nelson’s Coconut chair! Developed by this master of design “to give lounge seating comfort, together with great freedom of movement”, its inviting curves let you sit in any position and move with ease. Take a look below to see this piece in action. Paired with the iconic Noguchi table, the organic lines of both pieces soften the look of this undeniably stylish living room.

Everything about this interior screams mid-century modern; the wood panel walls and the scheme of warm hues takes you directly to the sixties!

Marshmallow Sofa

A real head turner, the Marshmallow sofa was one of the earliest Pop Art furniture designs! Its playful and unique structure, with 18 round cushions that seem to be floating in the air, is eye-catching and comfortable. This is the perfect accent piece for those who want to make a statement! Take a look at the pictures below. This cool house located right on a waterfront off San Francisco Bay has the whole package! The iconic Artichoke lamp and the soft silhouette of the Marshmallow sofa create a beautiful contrast with the clean lines of the Florence Knoll sofas in the open space living room


Perfect if you are lacking space at home, this multifunctional piece of furniture serves several different purposes. It works as a coffee table, extra seating and also acts as the perfect display surface. Check out the living room below featuring the Bench used as a Coffee table.


Beautiful, fun and drifting from conventional design, George Nelson’s clocks were ahead of their time! Which is probably that is one of the reasons why they are still so popular nowadays. Take a look at this interior, the dark brown DSW Chair, the abstract prints and the playful Multi Coloured Sunburst Clock set against a neutral background add a dash of personality to this cute home office!

Fan of the modern style? Then you will fall head over heels in love with this sophisticated bedroom! The sleek simplicity of the Barcelona Chair contrasts with the style of the room.