Serge Mouille and its best combinations

Are the shades of Serge Mouille’s lamps adjustable?

At EMFURN, we would like to help our customers as best as we can. We would like to answer each and every question they had effectively and help them decide on the best furniture among our exclusive collections. This week, you’ve sent in your questions to us in droves! We have a lot of exclusive collections for lamps but ou seem to be big fans of Serge Mouille, just like we are, so we thought we’d answer one of your questions on his incredible designs.

So you have been asking whether the shades on the Serge Mouille lighting fixtures are adjustable. We can confirm that although the arms do not move, the shades do rotate!

serge mouille

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design, yet it is often overlooked when decorating our homes.  So instead of merely answering your question, we thought that we’d give you some bright ideas to light up your home too! Serge Mouille’s lamps are fantastic for many reasons. We love their simplicity, elegance, and modern aesthetic. In fact, we think that choosing a Serge Mouille lamp is almost like introducing a piece of art into your home!

mcl-r3 ceiling lamp

If living in a style-led home is important to you then we’re sure this incredible open-plan apartment can’t fail to make you happy! A fireplace lined with mirrors and a neutral color palette of white and light grey add a relaxing warm ambiance to the room, making it the perfect place to curl up and chill out. Check out Serge Mouille’s masterpiece, the MCL-R3 Ceiling Lamp. This statement piece is guaranteed to impress your guests.

msc-r2c rotating wall sconce - two arm

Versatile and elegant, Serge Mouille’s MSC-R2C Rotating Sconce in black painted metal fits perfectly into modern and traditional interiors. Need a spot of peace and quiet? An interior such as this one provides a lovely location in which to gather with family and friends or settle down with a great story. We love it!

Serge Mouille’s MFL-1 Standing Lamp

Catch up on your favorite titles while enjoying the comfort of this stylish sofa! Whether it’s light or dark outside, Serge Mouille’s MFL-1 Standing Lamp will definitely act as a cool and sophisticated reading light! You can also add to this sophisticated interior a Tulip Table in marble next to a stylish Egg Chair, we can just imagine this being the perfect place to unwind from daily stresses!

Serge Mouille Floor Lamp

When a Serge Mouille Floor Lamp and a supreme vertical curve fabric sofa and ottoman meet it can only mean one thing. This is a room of luxury! We can only imagine settling in after a busy day and lounging on this white Lounge Chair. Adding a touch of mid-century chic to the room is Harold white marble coffee table. The combination of these three iconic pieces works brilliantly!

When choosing lighting you have to take into account the atmosphere you want to create and what function it will bring to your room. Accent lighting highlights the special features of a room. Placing wall-mounted sconces, like Serge Mouille’s iconic MSC-R1C Rotating Sconce, around the room will magically transform your interior! Have you spotted the stylish DSW Chairs too?

We can’t get enough of Serge Mouille’s fabulous designs! How about you?