Top 8 shop interiors

With so many brands on the market offering similar products, have you ever wondered what draws people into a particular shop? Some people will be drawn by the promise of huge discounts, others will see something they love amongst the products in the window, and some will have seen the brand in magazines and on television. We must admit that all these things have attracted us too, but what we love most of all are shops with interiors that intrigue us. Some shops look like art galleries, others dazzle with color and there are some that take a minimalist stance. But for us, the one thing unifying them all is that they look totally unique! Take a look at our top 8 shop interiors.

SPAR in Budapest

We couldn’t believe our ears when we heard that this incredible shop was a Spar grocery store! Our local branch is nothing like this one! Based in Budapest, the industrial style building is fitted with stylish wooden ‘ribs’, running from the floor and up to the ceiling. Can you think of a more inspiring corner shop?!

HIT Gallery in Hong Kong

Geometric and completely cool, the HIT Gallery in Hong Kong is the ultimate eye-catcher. Designed by Fabio Novembre, it’s fresh, bold and we definitely want to visit. Want to join us?!

Viktor & Rolf interior

With grey felt walls, this Viktor & Rolf interior is as cool and creative as the clothes!

Solange Azagury-Partridge

Jewellery designer Solange Azagury-Partridge has a standout shop in London’s Bond Street. Bright red walls, and a rainbow colored rug provide a complete contrast to Hans J. Wegner’s Papa Bear Chair.

Band of Outsiders shop

We absolutely adore this Band of Outsiders shop. Making use of a large industrial column in the center of the space, the interior designers built a large steel mechanism around it – just like a carousel!

Crayola store

Color, color, color! Perfect for attracting kids – and big kids too! – this spectacular Crayola store looks so much fun. We love the addition of Eero Aarnio’s Puppy seats!

Piccino kids’ wear

The Piccino kids’ wear boutique in Valencia is simply brilliant. We love the imaginative drawings on the furniture and walls that blur the boundary between the real and the imagined.

Romanticism Shop in Hangzhou China

Have you ever been clothes shopping in a store as cool as this one? The Romanticism Shop in Hangzhou, China features a creative net-like design.

contact lens store in Tel Aviv

Last but not least, this contact lens store in Tel Aviv caught our eye. This monochrome interior is a striking example of contemporary design at its best. So make sure you fit in those new lenses before you leave the store. You don’t want to miss out on viewing this interior in all its glory!

What an amazing and unique shop interiors! If you're wondering to have your own shop or retail store we advised some ideas in choosing interiors for displaying collections or choosing a lighting scheme, turn to retail stores. Store designers try to grab your attention with color, pattern, lighting, and unexpected architectural details, so they can be great resources of inspiration. You can also add different style of furniture to glow up your shop appearance.