Are You Mid Century Modern?

Do you want to add a little interest to your home? Maybe you’re bored with the same old style and thinking about redecorating, but you don’t want to go overboard with something completely out there. Mid-century modern style might be right up your alley. The style is both timeless and fresh, nostalgic and cutting-edge. It combines the iconic, retro furniture and decor of the mid ‘40s to ‘60s with modern style, quality and affordability. It’s the brightly colored, plastic dining chair from your parents’ house meets the black management chair from Don Draper’s office in Mad Men, with a modern twist. It’s unexpected and familiar all at once. And the great thing about mid-century modern is that you can add a little here and there, whether you’re looking to spruce up your space with a new coffee table or completely overhaul your look.

A Bold Choice

You might be mid-century modern if you’re into the vintage look of daring prints. Mid-century styles include accent chairs with strong, geometric patterns or brightly colored graphic designs, like this balloon accent chair from EMFURN. Go with something out of the box in small doses, though, to avoid ruining the effect and confusing the eye with too much to look at. If you want a bigger pop of interest, consider a fun geometric wallpaper (but stick to only one pattern—for the same reason).

Clean Lines

You might be mid-century modern if you like your space to feel clean and open. To complement the bold prints and bright colors of a mid-century modern room, keep your lines clean. This means chrome chair legs, simple furniture and crisp fabrics. Linen sofas and shiny leather recliners will give you that perfect mid-century modern look.

Simplicity at Its Best

You might be mid-century modern if you like to keep it simple. While a mid-century modern home is certainly not Spartan, it does have a certain simplicity to it. We like to think of it as uncomplicated. Every piece of furniture can be both beautiful and functional. You want your sofa to be comfortable. You like your kitchen to have lots of storage space. You won’t find a lot of extra frills in a mid-century modern home, but what you will find is a perfect balance of use and aesthetic.

Mix It Up

You might be mid-century modern if you like a bit of variety. The '50s gave rise to mass-produced furniture, and for the first time you could have your dining chairs made out of chrome and your office chair out of leather, without having to break the bank! We love mid-century modern furniture for its mix of different materials and finishes. The best of mid-century modern style has a combination of manmade materials and more natural, neutral media. Just look at this Knoll inspired Empire 3-piece Leather Sectional with its tufted buttons and glossy solid wood legs. Or this wicker back restaurant chair with a clean, aluminum frame. Have fun with different textures and materials.

Iconic Pieces

You might be mid-century modern if you like the look of some classic pieces like the famous Egg chair, the Barcelona chair, or the Arco-style lamp. The addition of any of these to your space will instantly add a retro, vintage flair and give you an easy conversation piece. 

Light and Airy

You might be mid-century modern if you love an open, bright feeling in your space. This style encourages indoor-outdoor living, with huge windows, sliding glass doors, and open floor plans. Knock down a wall if you have the budget for it, or add some outdoor furniture to your patio to make the space flow and feel more open. Avoid too many curtains or coverings on your windows and let in as much natural light as you can. Or add extra lighting—lighting should be at multiple levels. Think ceiling lights, a floor lamp, and a desk lamp. That way the light won’t cast stark shadows, and your space will feel more inviting.

So how did we do on our list? Think we nailed the mid-century modern style on the head? We hope that even if you didn’t think you were mid-century modern before, you might reconsider a little bit. After all, everybody’s home could use a classic, timeless, fresh look. Whether it’s a little or a lot, your home could benefit from a mid-century modern twist—the look that is never going out of style.