The Best Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs

The Best Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs

Are you an office worker? Or perhaps you have your own office at home? No matter where you are, you'll need the right kind of atmosphere and ambiance to effectively finish those projects.

In fact, a home office should be a place where you can let ideas and productivity flow. This is why office spaces should be comfortable, practical, and functional at the same time. You'll need the right atmosphere to get your brains and hands working effectively.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Making your office stylish and elegant will also affect your work output. Taking a break and relaxing is much easier when you're appreciating your space's elegance at the same time.

And what better way can you spice up your office space? Well, you can do this by simply choosing the right, mid-century modern office chairs to complement your office look.

 If you're having trouble picking out the right ones, then you don't have to worry anymore. We've compiled a list of the best mid-century modern office chairs for you to choose from. All you have to do is sit, relax, and read further.


A List of Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs

Without further ado, here's the list of mid-century modern office chairs as promised. All you need to do is kick back, relax, and choose your very own office chair.


Watson Mid-Century Modern Office Chair

Watson Modern Office Chair

A very intricately designed chair that screams mid-century modern elegance. It’s a simple piece that doesn’t lack in the design departments. Without a doubt, this is one of the most attractive mid-century modern office chairs we’ve found so far.

We’re sure you’ll like it as much as we do. It features brilliantly designed rounded armrests to give you the utmost comfort. The Watson mid-century modern office chair is designed in an organic shape that is sure to catch eyes. Also, just look at those clean lines designed over an elegant, dark wood finish.

Another good side of buying this fantastic piece is, you can order this with either white faux leather or black faux leather. Pick the best one that you think will complement your overall office look.


Ambrosio Bent Plywood Office Chair

Ambrosio Bent Plywood Mid-century Modern Chair

One of the best mid-century modern office chairs that elegantly showcases all the classic traits of the vintage mid-century era. This is one of the best mid-century modern desk chairs because of its simple design.

It’s designed with organic curves that are smooth and organic. If comfort is your primary concern, don’t worry. Despite how simple it looks, it’s actually very comfortable. This is because it has a rounded seat and back support naturally molds to your body.

It’s a very elegant and lively design due to its contrasting colors. It has a walnut veneer built with black faux leather that brings aesthetic to your office space. The Ambrosio bent plywood mid-century modern office chair is a very eye-catching elegant, vintage piece of mid-century modern furniture that you must absolutely try.


Bruce Bent Plywood Office Chair

Bruce Bent Plywood Chair

Now, you can complete your mid-century modern office space with one of the most stylish mid-century modern office chairs.

It's similar to the Ambrosio with regards to design, the difference is, it offers a lot of comfort. It’s designed with a deep seat and a tall back to supporting your body while you’re busy working on office tasks. This elegant, egg-shape-like mid-century modern chair offers relaxation as well as great aesthetic to any space.

Like the Watson mid-century modern office chair, you can even choose between white faux leather or back faux leather, depending on which will complement your office design.


Rathburn Mid-Century Modern Office Chair

Rathburn Mid-century Modern Chair

A very cute mid-century modern office chair that’s designed with a mix of elegance and vintage aesthetic.

This office chair features two solid armrests if ever you want to take a break and relax comfortably. It’s built with a tall back upholstered in faux leather for added relaxation. The Rathburn mid-century modern office chair is neatly designed with creases to support your back.

With it's very modern and very gorgeous woodwork, it's easily become a favorite of many. If you have this chair in your office space, we guarantee all house visitors will ask where you bought it.

Also, you can choose between black upholstery or white upholstery. The choice is yours.

Hamilton Mid-Century Modern Office Chair

Hamilton Mid-Century Modern Chair

Just by looking at this mid-century modern office chair, you can expect great comfort when working on your tasks.

Everyone hates getting a stiff neck while working overtime. The problem is, it's really hard not to get ailments such as sore necks and backaches. Fortunately, the answer is here. The Hamilton mid-century modern office chair will help you minimize the chances of acquiring those ailments.

It features a tall back complete with padded headrest as well as armrest to give you the most comfortable office working experience you can have. It even allows seat height adjustment as well as 360 degrees swivel capabilities.

This chair is very suited for office spaces that want to give off a very professional look. This versatile, flexible, and comfortable mid-century modern office chair is one to die for.


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Mid-century modern design is without a doubt, a must-have theme to have in your home and office. It offers a very elegant, delicate feel as well as vintage vibes that are sure to keep your productivity on the rise. Also, everyone loves mid-century modern design.

Now that you’ve taken a look at our list of mid-century modern desk chairs, now you’re wanting to buy one for yourself.

Have you had any experience with mid-century modern desk chairs? Or have you guys bought any pieces for yourselves? If yes, please share it with us at the comments below!