The Arco Lamp and its best combinations

A lot of EMFURN, customers ask us about the beautiful Arco Lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni. As one of our favorite lighting fixtures, we aren’t surprised that so many of you love it as much as we do!

One of the main questions that are asked about this incredible piece, is whether it is adjustable. We are happy to say that it is! Although exactly how adjustable the lamp is, varies between the Arco Lamp with the square marble foot, and the one with the round marble foot.

So for those of you who have your eye on the Castiglioni piece with the square marble foot, the arm of the lamp can be adjusted by approximately 20cm! As for the Arco Lamp with the round marble foot, the arm can adjust by approximately 5cm.

Want some inspiration on how the Arco Lamp can brighten up your interior? Then take a look at the amazing piece at work in the incredible spaces below!

Arco Lamp

This is a sensational interior and perfect space and all we can say is wow! Ok, so there is a great wooden greeny view outside, but the inside is equally as eye-catching. Teamed with the Arco Lamp are a sleek white sofa and Alita Armchair in Mustard Color that is richly designed with a flowing organic form. A perfect thing that you can also add here aside from the Alita Armchair is an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair it’s perfect for sound isolation, a cozy quiet area to sit and read.

White Living Room

The previous interior may have included some white furnishings, but this room uses white to the max! If you like a stark white living space, then this interesting room may give you inspiration. We love how the square marble foot of the Arco Lamp contrasts with the cool crisp white.

Marble Arco Lamp

We think that this interior is super cozy. We love the grey fabric envisage chaise rattan lounge chain, which beautifully complements the grey stone walls and wooden floor. And then there stands the Arco Lamp, looking as fantastic as usual!

Barcelona Chair

We are in love with this open-plan room. Not only do the extensive windows let in lots of light, but the white furnishings also echo the bright and breezy atmosphere. Together with a duo of Barcelona Chairs perfect grey sofa set, the Arco Lamp with the white marble square foot looks incredible!

So what do you think? Will the Arco Lamp fit your interior?