Reasons Why You Need A Coffee Table In Your Living Room

Everyone loves coffee tables and they have a huge role in completing the look of your living room, however, have you ever stopped and wondered why they are so necessary? If so, then this article is all you need in order to get this question answered. Let’s dive into the world of coffee tables and why should you own one; so keep on reading and find out.

  • Practicality

The first and foremost reason why you need a coffee table for your living room is that it performs a myriad of functions, from displaying showpieces to storage to acting as a coffee stand. The common function they provide is that during tea time, you can always place your cup on these stands and continue talking with your hands unoccupied. Nowadays, some coffee tables also come with a more practical design by offering you with many drawers; you can utilize these drawers to store magazines, TV remotes, and coasters. You can also get a more minimalistic-looking coffee table that has no storage space but a more classier design.

  • Help Tie The Place Together

Grab an interior decor magazine, what is the first thing you see? A coffee table beside the sofas and even a coffee table in the middle of the room, right? Well, this is because these pieces help in bringing the whole ensemble together. Without these centerpieces, your place will look incomplete and so grab an affordable modern coffee table to get a practical and complete look.

  • Complement Your Seating

Living rooms have many different seating styles from mid-century modern chairs to sectional sofas. A good coffee table will allow you to sit properly with ample legroom while having a coffee table at a sufficient height. This way you won’t have to bend very low in order to reach items or drinks present on top. However, the rule of thumb when picking these tables is that if you have rectangular sofa sets, then opt for a rectangular-shaped table whereas if you have an L-shaped or sectional sofa, then round or square-shaped tables are ideal for you.

  • Great For Kids

Every family has different needs and if you have kids then a coffee table can help you out immensely. Round coffee tables will help your kids in avoiding injury while they can play around whereas square-shaped or rectangular coffee tables will provide the kids with more surface area to play. These tables can even be used to do homework and have lunch and breakfast in the evening or morning. With some coffee tables, you can even host friends and family and serve them with items in a sophisticated manner.

  • Help Express Yourself

Apart from the above benefits, these coffee tables are also a great way to express yourself and your aesthetics. If you are setting up your home from scratch, then you can get a coffee table that suits your style. These tables come in different styles and designs and you can get one that suits your needs and fits your home decor perfectly. The material for these tables ranges from granite, marble, metal, and even wood in construction; it can be round, angular, and asymmetrical in shape as well and come in different sizes for you to choose from.

  • More Spacious Feel

You may think that adding in a coffee table can fill up your space and make it feel congested but this is not the case. Some tables such as glass coffee tables are ideal for making your living room space appear bigger and more spacious than it actually is. The wood coffee table is also a great and classic option since they add in some ruggedness in your home with good space.

Tips To Buying Coffee Table

Now that you know why coffee tables are essential, let’s learn about how should you buy the right table for your home. These tips include the following:

  • Height

When it comes to the average coffee table height, the right height is seventeen inches however, this is not a fixed number. In order to get the perfect dimension, you must measure the height of the sofa and your coffee table must be within two inches of your sofa seat’s height. This way you can use the table while staying comfortable in place.

  • Width

The ideal length of the coffee table is two-thirds the length of your living room sofa. This way you can have a comfortable area to walk in without it feeling suffocating. However, the width of your table is not fixed but depends on your aesthetics. Once you have placed the sofa in your living room and have set the carpet, then you can decide on the coffee table width depending on the space left behind.

  • Small And Large Space

The last tip to keep in mind is that if your place is small, then you can opt for a coffee table as a centerpiece along with small side tables on the side. Materials such as glass, metal, mirrored surfaces, and acrylics are ideal for a coffee table in a small space. The reason behind this is that these tables allow light to bounce off of them, making the room look brighter and bigger. Also, oval or rectangular coffee tables are better for small space seatings.

On the other hand, if the space is large then you should get a coffee table that doesn’t look like a dwarf in front of your sofa and chairs. So if there is more seating around the table, then the larger it should be.


Coffee tables are an essential part of your home and help in completing the look. Rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms are incomplete without these tables. They are practical, gorgeous to look at, and easily available today. You can even get them in different colors and designs depending on your needs; so what are you waiting for? Head out today and grab affordable coffee tables for your home right away.