Mid-Century Modern-Themed Seating

The mid-century modern design trend has become increasingly popular in recent years, similar to the way modified retro and vintage apparel and accessories are pervading fashion trends again as well. Mid-century furniture was characterized by bold colors and funky shapes, and the “modern” aspect refers to the placement of those statement pieces in a more neutral, cleaner background. True 1950’s-era home design often featured patterned wallpaper and cluttered spaces, so mid-century modern is all about scaling back the brightness while incorporating its fun, unique vibe.

Mid-century modern chairs can add a bold touch of color and style to your home. An extremely popular mid-century inspired chair is that hanging-style, pod-shaped chair, largely reminiscent of brightly colored eggs and almost always a huge hit, particularly amongst children. Another popular choice for those who wish to incorporate the vibrant colors and standout nature of the mid-century era is this lovable “kiss chair,” putting a more laughable, realistic spin on the classic loveseat. Abstract and rounded shapes are more common trademarks of the times, in vast contrast to the chic lines and straight angles inherent to more truly contemporary designs.

Aside from striking solid colors, mid-century modern furniture often features bold patterns, usually with several different colors that nowadays might not be really regarded as tasteful or organized, such as the classic cow-spotted chair and these iconic chairs that boast a mix of different patterns as well as multiple colors. These can be a great addition especially if you are renting an apartment or some other home that has restrictions regarding the wall decoration. No beige room can seem plain or dull anymore with one of those bright accent pieces. Of course, since the shapes and the colors can each be a bit much on their own, you can be as conservative as you want when choosing a particular piece, as long as it suits your particular taste.

Since mid-century modern chairs are usually such eye-catching pieces, they’re generally thought to be best suited for parlors, sitting rooms, and lounges, and not taken seriously as refined furniture. However, the mid-century furniture is meant to be bright and fun, and as such can be easily incorporated into different areas of the home. Mid-century-inspired office chairs can add a splash of cheerfulness to an otherwise boring or stressful room, and there are plenty of options for dining chairs that are sure to spruce up any kitchen or dining room. Even your most old-fashioned guests are sure to get a kick out of the colors and shapes, since so much of modern design features carefully chosen, neutral colors and minimalistic styles.

Mid-century modern furniture is certainly a fun addition to any home, even if the entire interior isn’t a cohesive mid-century theme. Whether you want to collect just one or two accent pieces or you’re totally devoted to this updated retro style, the bright colors and fun styles will definitely become a welcome sight for you at the end of a long workday. Adding a couple exciting chairs can help you truly express your creative side!