Makeover of the Eurostar

In 1994 the Eurostar was the new, most talked about way to travel, connecting London and Paris, capitals – trendsetters of fashion and design.  In 2012, the Eurostar seems to have lost a bit of its shine and its dated interior is well overdue for a makeover.  Why shouldn’t travelling to the cities of cool be the coolest experience ever?

British designer Christopher Jenner unveils his vision for the ultimate Eurostar makeover.  Sheltered for privacy, his futuristic seats’ design is finished in hardwood, brushed brass and carbon fiber, carrying a reminiscence of the golden age of travel.  With the yellow plush upholstery the designer pays tribute to the original colour palette of the Eurostar.  In Jenner’s own words:

 “ This commission is a vision of a future we can all enjoy.  With transport set to play an ever more pivotal role in the way we seek to improve our relationship with the planet, surely it should be tasty too”

The windows are also larger to brighten up the space and let the beautiful scenery come in.  So come onboard and enjoy.  Bon Voyage!