Explore Mid-Century Modern Furniture Online

Home furniture and decor trends are changing every day. One day you’ll see bold and bright colors everywhere whereas the very next week, subtle and neutral colors will become a fad. Amidst these changing trends, opting for mid-century modern furniture is a safe idea because it is a mix of style, elegance, and colors.

People are incorporating this style into their homes, offices, and even restaurants and if you are not aware of what it is then you are definitely missing out. Read on below and learn all about adding this extremely popular interior style into your home today.

Different Ways Of Adding Mid-Century Furniture In Your Home

When it comes to mid-century furniture, you can make changes here and there to fully incorporate this decor style into your home. Some ways to do that are by altering your bedroom, kitchen, living room, outdoor, and dining room. So read on below to find out the easiest ways to amp up these places and make them fit the mid-century modern style theme.

A bedroom is the most essential part of your house and so re-doing it makes the most sense. Now for the bedroom, you have quite a few furniture options such as changing the bed, side tables, and even the dresser.

The most basic furniture in your bedroom is the bed and it needs to be comfortable and at the same time stylish to represent the mid-century modern fashion. You can go for a bed frame made with clean lines and tapered wooden legs since these are the characteristics that represent mid-century decor. Also, getting a bold color frame is also a smart idea. Another way to alter your bedroom is by changing the nightstands. You can go for wooden nightstands with metal legs for a very stylish look. Lastly, you can also enhance your room's dresser by accessorizing it with bold color accessories or opting for a simple and elegant-looking dresser.

Since your living room is the first area of your house that grabs attention, you need to start working on it as soon as you can. Incorporating mid-century decor in the living room is very easy; if you have a neutral color sofa set then simply place a few printed or bold color cushions to style it up. Also, you can buy a new sofa with a bold color such as maroon or blue. Hanging abstract arts, placing vintage style accessories or ottoman for extra seating are just a few ways of adding a mid-century style to your home. You can also go for a wooden TV console since wood such as teak is synonymous with mid-century decor.

The dining room is another important part of your house and it is the place where your family eats together. When decorating this area, make sure you add in lots of love and affection, and also the decor of the room must affect the appetite. The prettier the dining room is, the more enjoyable and yummy your meals will become. So in order to add a mid-century touch to your dining room, you can start with the table.

The mid-century modern dining table has a very elegant and minimalist design with clean lines and pure wood construction. It also lacks any carvings and this gives it a very informal and inviting appearance. In contrast to this, wooden chairs around the table are a smart idea. If you want this to be the star of the room then adding a few accessories such as colored vases, abstract art on the wall or even a bold color vintage decor piece can be a great idea. Some people opt for wooden chairs but with a touch of color on the seats padding and the color can be red, green, blue, and even turquoise; this way the dining table takes all the attention without any additional accessories needed.

Kitchens today have become a blend of the mid-century and smart home. This blend has led to elegant-looking accessories that work amazingly well and make your everyday menial tasks easier for you. The best way to incorporate mid-century modern decor in your kitchen is by using stylish and sleek faucets with smart sensors present in them. These faucets will elevate the entire look of the kitchen and make it easy and fun to use. However, if you want to completely restyle your kitchen then going for neutral-colored cabinets with a clean and minimalistic design can give it a mid-century decor vibe.

While you may be busy styling your house from within, your outdoor patio may get neglected. The first thing anyone notices when they come over is your outdoor area and so adding a mid-century modern touch outdoors is very important. Some quick ways to do that is by opting for an outdoor patio set, outdoor chairs, tables, daybeds or loungers, and outdoor bars. You can also hang a stylish light in front of your door and make the entire area brighten up and look elegant.

However, when shopping for patio furniture make sure you go for neutral colors since a bold touch outdoors can make your home look too flashy. Keep in mind that adding bold colors is a good idea but not in large amounts because there is a thin line between elegant and flashy.

How To Get The Best Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

Now that you know how to add a mid-century modern touch to your home, you can go ahead and grab the pieces you need. The first thing to keep in mind before you buy the piece you need, is to make sure it reflects your personality. You do not want to get excessive bold colors and end up making your home look completely opposite to what you wanted. The best way to start with mid-century modern decor is with small accessories and once you’ve mastered them, then you can buy sofa sets and new bed frames. Since this style is a trend there are many great websites for you to buy furniture from, one of them is emfurm.com. So head on there and choose from the various different options they have.


Mid-century modern decor is an elegant and sophisticated touch you can add to your home. With so many different ways to add this trend and bring out your personality, you are bound to enjoy the remodeling journey. Mid-century furniture is very functional and durable so what are you waiting for? Start making the changes in your home with these high-quality furniture pieces and turn the entire look around.