The Genius of Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen is a Finnish-American designer, architect, and artist who is often credited with moving interior design from the modern era into a more neo-futuristic design. His father was a Finnish architect, and after immigrating to America when Saarinen was only thirteen years old. The rest of his childhood and adolescence were spent in Michigan, where his father was the dean of a prestigious art academy. Saarinen had the opportunity to take classes in sculpture and furniture design, quickly following in his father’s footsteps. As Saarinen grew up, he entered many crafting and design competitions, and he soon established himself as a reputable designer and sculptor.

One of Saarinen’s founding achievements was the Tulip design, which featured a slender, stem-like support that fanned smoothly out into a circular base. The first product that came in this collection was the now-famous Saarinen Tulip chair, which has a curved petal-like seat to naturally support the back. The rights to the Tulip chair design were quickly taken up by the Knoll company so it could be produced on a wider scale for design enthusiasts, and it remains something of a landmark for luxury design today. As such, the Tulip design has become a popular source of inspiration for other designers. The original Tulip chair has a solid white color with a trademark red cushion, but other colors have come out since then.


 After the Tulip chair became so popular, next came the Tulip table. The original Tulip dining table was built with a smooth, circular surface, on the same elegant stand as the Tulip chairs. This design was an instant hit, opening up plenty of space underneath the table. Think about how many four-legged chairs can sit around four-legged tables without becoming overcrowded - it’s usually a crowded jungle under there! The Tulip dining chair and tables remained in high demand for decades, with homeowners and designers alike wanting to relieve the confusing mess under the tables in their kitchens and dining rooms.


 Today, we are happy to offer our visitors an extensive selection of the Tulip table replicas, some with the original look and some with some more modern modifications. The classic circular design remains a popular choice, but we have expanded the design to include rectangular, square, and oval shapes for the surface in addition to the standard circular shape. Our Tulip table replica designs come in a variety of finishes, from a marble table top to solid black fiberglass for a more striking look - of course, you can opt for a solid-white design and pick a set of Tulip replica chairs with a bold accent cushion. We also have the option of natural walnut finishes combined with black bases. The sizes of the table surfaces vary from 30 inches to 42 inches or more, so you can have a dainty Tulip side table or a more full dining table.


 These classy tables are eye-catching for all the right reasons: namely, their simplicity and sleek design. In fact, some of our Saarinen table replicas are available in an elegant bar-table style, with an even taller “stem”-inspired base and more petite table surface, available in a classic round or square shape. These bar-style tables don’t take up much space but offer the ultimate in utility and aesthetic, making them the perfect addition to a home bar or maybe even an outdoor deck or patio. The Tulip-style tables have also been modified to adapt a classic coffee table style, so you can have a Tulip dining table in every room of your home!


One of our boldest reimaginations of the Saarinen Tulip table includes the addition of three splayed legs under the smooth surface as a replacement of the iconic tapered stem base, offering a different kind of dynamic to the kitchen that doesn’t stray too far from the traditional Tulip design. These tripod Tulip replica tables will still help open up the space under the table but can offer a more modular, geometric, and modern-day feel to your living space. These will contrast very nicely with the classic Tulip chair replicas, but any modern-style, slender dining chair will work quite well with these tripod Saarinen-inspired tables. The splayed-leg tables come in a coffee table, dining table, and smaller bar table, so you have plenty of options to pick the best Tulip table replica for your home.


 If you needed another reason to consider adding some Tulip replicas to your home, you’ll be glad to know that our Tulip dining tables and chairs ship worldwide, with free shipping for orders above $500 across the continental United States! In stock products ship within one to two business days. Order your Tulip table replica today to add a touch of class and minimalism to your dining room or kitchen. We promise you’ll notice a difference!