Beat the back to school blues: cool teenage interiors

It’s back to school time! We know that some teens have post holiday blues, so why not help to cheer them up by modernizing their bedroom? Design a place where they can sit back and unwind after a busy day at school, but where they can study and complete that all important homework too. Here are some cool ideas that we found while we were searching for ultra stylish teen interiors!

This bedroom is a teenage boy’s dream. Not only does it have a place to sit and study (maybe not a huge part of the dream for them – but good for you!), it also has a cool seating area where they can entertain their friends. Comfortable seats, a sofa and a trendy metal and wooden coffee table? We’re pretty sure that any  teenager who was given the chance to live in this room would feel like they were the luckiest teen alive! We especially  love the stylish exposed bulbs above the bed, similar to the Resolve Antique Brass Ceiling light pendant chandelier by EMFURN

Ok, so a teen wouldn’t have the wheely toy or perhaps the ornate rabbits, but we think that this interior is definitely suitable for cool kids. Who wouldn’t want to come back from school and curl up in the Bubble Chair whilst on the phone with friends or reading a book? With comfortable poofs and a colorful, contemporary bookshelf full of space for novels and DVDs, we think this is a fantastic interior for teens.

When you are surrounded by bright colors you can’t fail to be happy, and that is why we think this bold interior is perfect for young teens. A statement wall in their favorite color, together with some sleek accent pieces combine to make a fantastic interior. The Precious Rose Gold Table Lamp in white really stands out in this striking room.

Patterns, patterns and more patterns! This room is ideal for a style-led teenager. The clashing patterns and colors combine to create a vivid yet pretty interior. This grown up teen bedroom works because the patterned upholstery stands out against the block colored furniture. A comfortable couch, furry ottoman and transparent Ghost Chair are fantastic pieces of furniture for a young fashionista!

Young sports fans will adore this room. From the quirky cushions, to the shelves ideal for displaying trophies, this bedroom is perfect for sporty teens whichever game they like to play! The furniture is sophisticated too, so it’ll take a lot longer for them to outgrow this interior!

Are you inspired?