5 Things You Should Know About Mid-Century Modern Style

The trend of Mid-Century Modern style is in the air and if you are ready to incorporate this style in your home then go right ahead. However, for some people, this style can get too confusing, especially if they are not aware of what it exactly is and what it represents. If this is the case with you, then you have come to the right place. The following brief will prepare you with the five main things you need to know about this trend so that you can hop on the bandwagon today. So let’s dive into the world of mid-century modern style and learn all about it.

1. Form Follows Function

You may have heard this term on every single page when searching about mid-century modern style and the reason behind this is that “form follows function” is what this style is based on. Form follows function is the root of mid-century and is where everything began. After the world war ended, people needed to be allocated to home quickly and so this concept came into being. Homes were built to keep construction simple, cost low, and at the same time good enough for habitation. This led to efficient households with a modern and elegant touch to them; people were also more accepting of the minimalistic approach.

2. Materials And Color

Since the homes had to be habitable and also not costly, architects added natural raw materials indoors. Walls were kept exposed with concrete, pebbles, and even other stone features which you can see today as well. Also, since the mid-century style aims to add a touch of outdoor life indoors, the color palette was inspired by nature. Homes had bold pops of colors and utilized bright and saturated colors both. This gave an iconic look to your house.

In order to create a mid-century home look, opting for earthy color tones like pumpkin, olive green, or yellow along with other colors such as gray, pink and turquoise is a great idea. However, make sure your colors complement each other and not look too flashy; for example, a combination of yellow and grey is ideal but yellow and blue can look slightly off.

3. Outdoor Connection

As mentioned above, the mid-century style was all about mixing outdoor with indoor and so it had an earthy color palette. Moreover, mid-century homes also incorporated nature indoors with the help of large windows. These windows blurred the lines of interior and exterior and provided homeowners with an open floor plan. With windows all over an entire wall, from top to bottom, you are bound to enjoy a plethora of light and scenic views. Apart from windows, adding greenery inside homes with plants in the corner, vases filled with roses and even money plants around the railing of the stairs was a smart idea of adding a touch of green indoors.

The main aim behind this outdoor-indoor blend was to encourage the occupants of the house to opt for a healthy living way and it worked out perfectly. People were more than happy with these windows and the sunlight helped them feel active and connected with nature.

4. Minimalist Appearance

Mid-century modern architecture is based entirely upon minimalistic appearance and clean aesthetics. It lacks visual formality and focuses on clean lines, straight planes, and right angles. The appeal of this style is that onlookers must be able to completely understand the house’s structure by looking at it. Apart from the outer appearance, the interior is also very simple and minimalistic. This means that the walls are painted white whereas a pop of color is added through a single piece of art hanging in the middle. A perfect example of this would be a wooden dining table whereas the color in the room will be a yellow vase in the middle. There are no cluttering items in mid-century modern homes and this gives it an aesthetically pleasing look.

5. Unique Floor Plan

Mid-century homes are made with split-level design; this means that there are short staircases that connect rooms and different areas of the house. While the overall design is an open floor plan, this split level adds a bit of contrast and texture to the layout. Moreover, these homes also have brick or glass walls to add depth to your home. This uniqueness extends to the exterior and some people have a small waterfall outside or even a mid-fountain to make the house look unique. However, apart from being unique, mid-century modern style is also the perfect way to display your personality. It is a flexible trend to hop on and since it is timeless, you do not have to worry about altering or changing even after a few years.

Is Mid-Century Modern Homes Worth It?

Even though mid-century homes come with a high maintenance cost, it is still worth every penny. The reason why people are obsessed with this interior design style and architecture is that it is a timeless, elegant style that can fit different households with ease. It is also a very functional style and is suited to one-bedroom apartments and even villas. Today, to give a sophisticated look, many hotels, restaurants, and public areas incorporate this style and make it stand out. However, the main reason why mid-century is still a living breathing decor style is that it allows people to show their personality through their homes. If you are a fan of bold colors then with the help of this trend you will be able to bring it out whereas, for people with a love for art, vintage pieces and frames on walls are the perfect way to showcase it to everyone who visits.

Bottom Line

Due to its timeless elegance and futuristic look, mid-century style is becoming more and more popular each day. It is a must-have for people aiming for extreme sophistication and is an ideal attempt to make yourself stand out from everyone else. So bring out your inner personality and exhibit the things that fascinate you. Add bursts of colors on neutral walls, place plant pots in your living room, and leave your windows curtainless to fully adapt this timeless style and give your home a luxurious feel.