EMFURN Waist Cooling Fan

$59 $99

❄️ Stay Cool Anywhere - Portable fan that clips onto your waist.

🔋 Long-lasting Battery - Up to 8 hours of cooling on a single charge.

🔄 Powerful Fan - Will keep you cool in any weather!


Clip the EMFURN Waist Cooling Fan to your belt or waistband. Turn it on and for instant cooling relief.

Stay Cool and Comfortable!

The EMFURN Waist Cooling Fan is your ultimate solution to beat the heat. On Sale Now!


Why People Love Our Product

  • ❄️ Portable and Lightweight

    Clip it on and go—perfect for on-the-move cooling.

  • RoHS™ - Waist Cooling Fan

    🔋 Extended Battery Life

    Enjoy up to 8 hours of uninterrupted cooling vs other competitors.

  • 🌬️ Customizable Comfort

    Sits comfortably around the waist or anywhere that it is able to be clipped on for your convenience.


    Life-Saving in Extreme Heat

    Prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke in extreme temperatures. Guarantees user safety and comfort during heatwaves, vital for those in hot climates.


    Stylish and Discreet Design

    RoHS™ - Waist Cooling Fan is sleek and fashionable design that seamlessly integrates into any outfit. It is compact and discreet, so users can stay cool without compromising their style, making it a must-have accessory for the summer.


    How do I charge the fan?
    Use the included USB cable to charge the fan. A full charge takes about 2 hours.

    Can I use the fan while charging?
    Yes, the fan can be used while it's charging.

    Is the clip sturdy?
    Absolutely! The clip is designed to securely attach to your waistband.

    How loud is the fan?
    The fan operates quietly, so it won't disturb you.

    Is the fan safe to use for extended periods?
    Yes, it's designed for continuous use and is safe for extended periods.

    What if I don’t like it?
    No worries! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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