Barcelona Chair Cushions

  • One set of replacement cushions for the Barcelona Chair Replica. Each set includes 1 back cushion and 1 seat cushion. In stock Barcelona chair cushions are delivered within 3 - 5 business days. If cushions go out of stock, lead time is generally 8 - 12 weeks. 

  • Barcelona Style Chair straps are also available. 

    Please be advised that the Barcelona chair cushions are meant for replica chairs only. If you're purchasing for your original or vintage Knoll Barcelona chair, please check the dimensions to ensure that this product will fit your chair. We offer no returns or exchanges on this item. Please contact us if you have any questions before purchasing your set

  • Black



  • Back cushion (top): Length: 29.5” Width: 19.5”Height: 3”

    Seat cushion (bottom): Length: 29.5” Depth: 22.5 Height: 3”


    The cushions fit most replica barcelona chairs, such as our version of the Barcelona Chair.

  • 100% bonded leather

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  • What is the origin of the leather you use? I don't understand if the leather is faux or genuine from the FAQ below.

    Faux leather

  • What are the cushions stuffed with?

    polyurethane foam

  • Is the faux leather - bonded leather?

    Yes that's correct

  • Can I get this in white? I see it listed but won’t let me select white?

    Just checked it now and its working. Can you please try again?

  • Is the top cushion slightly curved like the original?

    Yes that's correct

  • Is this for the back and bottom cushion together? Or just the back cushion only? The picture only shows one cushion.

    One set includes back and front cushions together

  • Do you have replacement cushions for bàrcelona chairs in Tan? I have 2. Straps are fine.

    Hey, the cushions are now available in white or black only. The chairs however are available in tan leather

  • I need an ottoman cushion also.

    Please purchase the ottoman cushion here:

  • The dimensions of each cushion?

    Dimensions are:

    Back cushion (top): Length: 29.5” Width: 19.5”Height: 3” Bottom cushion (bottom): Length: 29.5” Depth: 22.5 Height: 3”

  • Is the white, super white or slightly warmer white?

    White is bright white like paper white. Cream is slightly warmer white.

  • Where can I get a cushion replacement

    Sorry, we don't sell cushions individually. Cushions are sold together in a set of 2.

  • I am interested in purchasing a black leather seat cushion for my Barcelona Chair. Can you please give me a quote for the seat cushion only. Are there any added expenses such as delivery charges and tax? Thank you, Ami Sohn

    We don't sell cushions separately. The sets are sold as a pair.

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