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These little white balls have multi-use properties. Delicate enough to meet the needs of Christmas winter crafts with fake snow, it also has the strength to serve as refill material for your bean bag chair.

How Many Bags of Beans Do I Need To Refill A Bean Bag Chair?

Here's a good visual description:


Unknown to most people, Styrofoam is in, in fact, 98% air, which results in its feathery and comfortable feel. We sell the refill material in two forms. This form comes in a clear bag that weighs 200g and the bag is packed at the size of 25cm x 25cm: 


This form comes with the same quantity of refill material, but it is packed at a size of 25 x 35:

This is a fantastic buy, for the simple reason that who wants to throw away your favorite bean bag just because there's been a small rip and some of the Styrofoam filler was lost? It is a shame to throw out an entire bean bag just because of a small rip and little bit of lost refill material.

Beanbags, unlike more stationary furniture like couches and chairs, usually have more of a history and emotional connection to its owner. This refill material makes it possible to now have to throw them out so quickly. The buy is also for a great deal, since getting he material to refill it from a mainstream store will cost you much more than this material that will do the job just as well. Use the refill material in a couple different ways.

You can either place the entire bag directly into a bean bag chair, bag and all, that you have unsewn and opened up to be able to place the refill material in it. This would be the case if you spilt something onto the beanbag and it seeped through the outer material into the refill material, or the inside is dirty or doesn't smell good because of mildew or mold that has grown on the inside.

Another option would be to simply open the bag of refill material and only take out from it enough to refill a beanbag that might be missing some fluff, but otherwise it is fine.

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Size: 200g
Material: Polystyrene Styrofoam ball


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