8 Reasons Why You Should Own a Tulip Table Replica Today

One of the things that every homeowner does is style and furnish their homes. However, it can be a little expensive, especially when you want it to have timeless designs and a sophisticated punch. Fortunately, styling your home doesn’t have to cost much if you choose to design your home with tulip tables. But what is it?

What is a Tulip Table?

The Tulip table is the result of out-of-the-box thinking and ingenious innovation of an architect who was ahead of his time named Eero Saarinen. He unleashed his creative juices on designing the Tulip table at Knoll for the sake of eliminating the “unrestful and ugly” under-table clutter (many legs and footings) of four-legged table designs. To clear up the cumbersome legs of chairs and tables, he created a wide, round, flat base attached into a “stem” that served as the only leg.

As one of the designs that have been present since the mid-century, tulip tables have never been outdated. There is no doubt why – it has graceful curves and minimalistic yet stylish punch that can blend with modern-designed furniture.

Why You Should Buy a Tulip Table Replica

Up to this day, many people prefer this furniture due to the blend of modern and contemporary styles. But do you know what makes a tulip table special? When introduced in the mainstream market, it has brought on a brand-new design and aesthetics. It stirred up the way most people thought of table and chair designs with its fluid form and curved shapes. If these reasons are not enough for this avant-garde table, it is time to change your mind:

  1. It packs a punch

Although the structure of a Tulip Table is a minimalistic round, flat tabletop with a single flared leg, adding a little bit of shine can do wonders for your room style. With its marvelous solid stone top and clean lines, making a Tulip table replica, the centerpiece of your dining room can turn heads and draw all eyes to it. Don’t be scared to mix and match! You can blend it with chairs in similar designs or hang light fixtures above it, or place a bright-colored or bold patterned vase for the centerpiece to trickle its minimalistic look with some punch.


  1. It is a staple piece that embodies limitless versatility

Because of its minimalist design, it is easy to match tulip tables with any style. From modern to vintage, or retro to eclectic, you need not worry about mixing it with your antiques or keeping it futuristic. Moreover, its versatile aesthetic allows you to pair it with chairs and even sofas of all manner and design. You can mix and match the upholstery color and chair design to get your desired outlook.


  1. It fits into any space

Whether you are looking for a table to place on your alcove or office, a tulip table will always be a perfect choice. You can squeeze it into any space with its circular base and single flared leg.


  1. It is a timeless piece that embodies a classic design

You can consider tulip tables as a timeless staple piece since it continues to stand the test of time even several decades later. Whether you prefer a contemporary or Hollywood glam, or mid-century or Scandinavian, adding a tulip table to your room will amplify the entire landscape together.


  1. It is not only dainty – it is sturdy, too!

Although the primary functions of Tulip tables are for aesthetic purposes and for giving a new punch to spacious areas, there is more to these beautiful tables. You will also get strength and durability since it is a well-built table that can hold several things without falling apart. Thus, don’t worry about it toppling over dinner because it won’t.


  1. It is not your typical dining table

While Tulip tables are work-of-art, you don’t need to reserve it only for fine dining parties. It does not even have to go to your dining space only! You can place it in your office spaces and intimate kitchen settings, then style your room’s layout to create a sophisticated contrast against your shiny table.


  1. It doesn’t have bulky legs

One of the reasons why this table remains to be a popular design is because of the comfort it brings. No matter which section of the table you are at, you and your guests can sit comfortably around it without the bulky legs.


  1. It is an environmentally-friendly option

Stone tabletops like Tulip tables do not contain toxic materials or require any hazardous processing like other furniture. Thus, you don’t need to worry about contributing to the production of poisonous substances in the environment. You can be lavish and green at once with Tulip tables.

Want Your Own Tulip Table Today?

There are countless tables in the market today, but tulip tables are sure to turn heads and stand out. Stylish, practical to use, and in-trend, what more can you ask for? So if you are looking for a new addition of Tulip Table in your furniture, there is no better place to buy than Emfurn.