My favorite design is …

Passionate about design, everyone from the EMFURN team has a favorite design classic.  Great design bolsters our appreciation of everyday experience and it takes us to a beautiful imaginary journey or a sentimental memory.  This is what some of our customer service people shared at the EMFURN Lounge.


“I like the Eero Aarnio Ball Chair because I can use it as a life raft of a sinking ship and float to safety.”


“My fav one is the Charles Eames RAR Rocking chair, because with every swing I can forget for a while that I have actually grown up and I feel like a child again, forgetting all the complication of an adult life.”



“I fancy the silver Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair. It is very edgy, quirky and has an individual look.  In addition to its absolutely outstanding style, the bubble can really make you feel relaxed and calm. So whenever you need to get away from it all, just sink in and enjoy being in a special resting pod.”


“My favorite classic design is definitely the Charles Eames Lounge Chair, which I grew up with.  When we were young, my brother and I used to have major fights who is going to sit on that special chair.  We believed it had special powers and we loved to watch the Batman movie, sitting side by side on it.  Nowadays my brother’s kids are the one fighting for this magical chair.”

Send us a picture of your favorite design classic.