Mid-Century Modern Ideas: How To Work The Look In A Modern Home

Mid-century modern homes are very light and they stick to a minimalistic style and function-follows-form principle. Due to this, these designs have been a living breathing trend since its beginning after World War II. Mid-century modern furniture takes as little space as possible and has all the necessary features. However, if you want to jump on this trend but are still not aware of how to achieve the look? Then fret no more. Read on below to find out how designers have added a touch of mid-century style into their homes so that you can implement it as well.

Why Is Mid-Century Furniture And Style Still Popular?

Before you find out about incorporating mid-century modern style into your house, you must know why this furniture is still popular. The main reason behind its popularity is that this style is two-in-one; this means that it is stylish and also fully functional. The furniture pieces from this trend have straight lines and sleek curves which can easily be incorporated into modern households. It also has very high-quality construction and good materials making it very durable and long-lasting. This trend will continue to stay in style due to all these qualities and so read on below to find out how you can add it into your household.

1. Use Wood

Wood helps bring rustic modernity to your house and elevates the entire interior. Wood is also a very apparent feature of mid-century home decor, especially teak wood. You can opt for furniture made with wood, small wood decor items, or even wooden sculptures to give it an elegant look. The ideal item to grab for an immediate mid-century decor effect would be high-quality furnishing from the 1950s.

However, if you are unable to get it then you can look for two things, specific wood such as teak, oak, rosewood, and walnut along with a clean line design. Also, make sure that your wooden piece grabs all the attention so do not keep it in the corner or hide it. If you are unable to find authentic wooden pieces then you can make replicas at a reasonable price as well.

 2. Unique Furniture

The mid-century decor is all about finding things that suit your style and unique furniture is one of them. If you find a piece of furniture having a clean-line look and is unique, then don’t hesitate in grabbing it and bringing it home. However, sometimes it can be tiring to go to the market and search for something that stands out and in cases like this, you can alter your old furniture. Simply grab your chair or table or even other furnishing pieces and update its look. Keep in mind that adding a unique furniture piece is one of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate mid-century style into your home.

 3. Gorgeous Mirrors

Mirrors are a statement piece that reflects the mid-century design and makes it easy for you to style up your home. Look for mirrors with creative or decorative frames and simply add them to your wall to give it a complete look. A sunburst mirror is the perfect representation of mid-century style and so buying that is the easiest way to achieve mid-century modern decor. The best part about mirrors is that they are two in one; not only do they act as a decoration item but also provide your room with a very airy feel. So make sure you add a mirror on the area that faces a window so that you can give your room a very fresh, elegant, and sophisticated look.

4. Trust White Paint

Mid-century modern homes thrive on bold color furniture and decor items but how will they stand out if your walls are painted bright too? The key to achieving the perfect mid-century decor look is to keep your walls minimalistic and slightly basic. This means that you paint them white or cream color and so once you choose a bright-colored decor or furniture piece, they will not be sidelined. These neutral colors will act as the perfect backdrop and make your house look very elegant.

Let’s take an example, imagine your dining room painted white on all four walls with a wooden table and chairs in the middle. Now imagine a yellow decor item or vase in the middle; doesn’t the vase stand out? If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for? Grab a pail of white paint and start painting your walls today.

 5. Bar-Or No Bar? Definitely Bar!

Since mid-century modern decor is related to the 1950s, having a bar cart or bar in your home is a great way to implement this style. If you have a strict budget then a bar cart can do the trick otherwise you can go all out with a home bar! A bar cart is also a great option for people with space issues in their homes. However, whichever option you pick, make sure you fill it up with expensive liquor, gorgeous vintage glasses, and a shaker to mix the drinks and enjoy.

6. Retro Art And Wallpapers

If you do not want to go along with the idea of white walls all around your home, then wallpapers and retro art is an alternative option for you. Your home will look incredibly stylish once you add in some retro vintage pieces to your home. Some ways to add a retro style are by framing a vintage-like print, using vintage-inspired decor pieces and accessories, or even investing in sculptural vases. Moreover, abstract wall art can be a great addition to your white walls as well.

But that’s not all! You can even use wallpapers to elevate the look of your house. Adding some patterns won’t hurt and opting for bold colors and graphic design is the perfect way to incorporate mid-century modern decor into your home. Make sure you avoid too much art and wallpaper because as easy as it can style your room, it can also clutter it.

7. Remodelling

If you have the budget and are not satisfied with bringing in wooden furniture, retro pieces, and painting the walls white, then you can completely remodel your house. In order to do that in a stress-free manner, simply hire an interior designer or an architect and allow them to create an airy and open floor plan. This type of floor plan resonates with mid-century modern decor and with it you can achieve the complete look easily.

Bottom Line

With the above-mentioned ideas, you can easily implement mid-century style into your homes and make them stand out. Mid-century modern furniture is popular due to its aesthetic look and very practical design and these two features make it a perfect fit even today. The style is perfect for people with compact living situations and is also great for large homes and villas. So incorporate the sleek and timeless designs of mid-century modern furniture and give your home a very elegant and sophisticated look today.