What to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame

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How To Buy A Bed Frame

When shopping for beds, the first priority is generally finding a comfortable mattress to get that good night’s rest and a stylish set of sheets that works perfectly with the aesthetic of the bedroom. The utility of the bed frame is usually an afterthought - as long as it’s the right size for the mattress, nothing else matters about the bed frame matters, right? Our eclectic collection of modern, vintage, industrial, and other bed frames begs to differ. You might not realize it, but the style and shape of a bed frame can change the appearance of an entire room. The bed is the center of the bedroom, the whole point of the room’s existence, and it’s more than simply a mattress and set of sheets. The bed frame pulls the whole room together. 

Hand Made Quality

While we work hard to offer each piece of our furniture collections to our valued customers all over the world, we’ll never sacrifice quality for the speed of mass-production. Many of our frames require some element of work by hand, whether it’s nailing, glossing, sanding, or more. Each one of our bed frames is a passion project designed to bring all of our visitors the ultimate in comfort and support while appealing to a wide range of unique tastes and preferences. We understand that no two people who sleep in our bed frames are exactly the same, and we want to provide options that feel the most authentic to each individual person. 

Colors and Materials

Gone are the days of bed frames being offered in wood tones, black, or white. Our collection offers you a wide selection of color choices, ranging from bold blues and scarlet reds to the more classic neutrals, including beige and gray rather than just black and white, and also including the timeless wood frame styles that can’t ever be replaced: chestnut, cherry, mahogany, and more. The color choice of your dream bed frame is no longer the limiting factor - you can feel free to pick the hue that best matches the aesthetic of your bedroom rather than having to structure your entire room around the frame’s color or shade.


We offer the standard frame sizes for most mattresses: twin, full, queen, and king-sized. You won’t have to worry that we don’t offer a certain aesthetic in the required size, because we’ve worked hard to provide as many as options as possible. Simple bed frames for children’s bedrooms and larger bed frames for the parents can come in matching styles if you prefer or you can allow each room to have a whole different style. 


The bed frame can be as shamelessly utilitarian as you make it. Some of our bed frames come with under the bed storage units like drawers or contain shelving units built into the headboards. You can stow away some of the more boring necessities under the bed, or you can keep your favorite books (or DVDs, we don’t judge!) at arm’s length. Plus, under the bed storage eliminates a sizeable section of the floor that will just collect dust mites.


Maybe you don’t want a bed with much storage - too bulky, too commanding. We offer plenty of modern, minimalist bed frames that feature no headboards at all. Fully practical and simplistic, these plain, sleek frames have a quiet presence in the bedroom and help the mattress to feel just a bit larger and more open. Some of our minimalist bed frames feature a unique splayed leg style which will complement any bedroom with a bit of a funky twist. You can, of course, feel free to opt for a more traditional straight leg style, either with slim, tapered legs or a more European-style consistent width. 


Looking for something more industrial? Our collection of classic, wire-style stainless steel bed frames are designed in a shapely barred style to close off the mattress and offer timeless support while allowing air and light flow through and around the bed space. On the contrary, some of our low platform bed frames have been known to help open up the space in the bedroom by offering a more muted look through the creation of an illusion where there appears to be no frame at all, though you can rest assured that your mattress will indeed be supported off of the floor.


Maybe you want something more regal, more commanding. We offer plenty of these “large and in charge” bed frames, with authentic velvet or vinyl contours providing you all the space and support you need. Our four-poster and canopy bed frames lend a more impressive and imposing look to the master bedroom without sacrificing function for fashion. These masterful frames challenge you to ask yourself, “Everybody sleeps, so why not sleep in style?”

With such extensive options, we pride ourselves on making our collection accessible to everyone. That’s why we strive to offer bed frames at a variety of different price points, with frames as low as $200 and seasonal sales always around the corner. If you’re on the hunt for even greater value, feel free to peruse our collection of prepared and matching Bedroom Sets.