Kick out the clutter and get organized

It’s 2021 and we’re all ready for a new start amidst the challenges we faced this year. We’ve already made plenty of resolutions, mostly connected with losing weight, advancing our careers, finding love or decluttering our homes. We might not be able to help you with the first three – although we wish we could! – but we just so happen to have some ideas on how you can rid your home of clutter!

After looking at the picture above, you’re probably thinking that you are actually doing quite well at keeping your home clutter free. But if you think that there’s still some decluttering of your own home that can be done, then take a look at our top tips below!

  • Don’t hold on to everything because of sentimental value, however tempting it may be! Ok, so keeping one cinema ticket is acceptable but several boxes is overkill!
  • Buying storage boxes before you’ve decided what to give away isn’t the best idea. Wait until you know what you have to pack and then you’ll know what to cater for – and how big your storage solutions will have to be.
  • Hide away seasonal objects and clothes. If you are not going to use it in the next few months store it far away!
  • Put things in a logical place. Try as much as possible to only put objects in the room in which they will be used.
  • Tackle the mess one room at a time. You don’t want to fall at the first hurdle, so it’s best to pace yourself.
  • Sell unwanted items at jumble sales or online. Making a bit of money back will give you a real incentive to have a thorough clear out.

Still not inspired yet? Then take a look at these lovely, clutter free interiors. They definitely make us want to make our homes look clear and fresh for 2021!

A room can still look tidy without concealed storage. We love this bedroom, with its exposed rails and shelves perfect for hanging up clothes. With storage boxes on the lower shelves, this designer shows how you can keep your favorite shirts on show, whilst hiding away your less desirable objects! The best thing that will add coolness to this room is a floor lamp. How about the Serge Mouille Style Three Arm Standing Floor Lamp? What do you think?

Now this is a great example of an organized space. There are a lot of exposed objects, but plenty of nooks and crannies on this super shelving unit to place them in! The industrial style chair and lights are pretty cool too. With this kind of style, we can surely add iconic modern chairs.

This monochrome kitchen is a huge space but we love how stark it is. The Amarie Grey Stainless Steel Barstool look amazing against the white counter. Check out the contrast between the white and the floor to ceiling black cupboards! If we had this amount of space we think that we would do the same!

We adore this New Jersey living room. From wicker baskets to shelves and glass covered cupboards, with so many different storage solutions in one room, the family manage to keep this house uncluttered and stylish.

Good luck with your home detox!