Is this really a BANK?

This eclectic phantasmagoria of colours, fun design, textures and unique features is remotely different from the stern, corporate layout of your bank’s local branch.

Created by French architect Fabrice Ausset of Zoevox this is the first-ever, bank concept store, initiated by BNP Paribas in Paris in attempt to differentiate and offer the public a new approach to banking relationship.

Located at the historical building of 2, Place de l’Opéra, Paris, this 1,000 square-meter funhouse is also in accordance with the bank’s core values of innovation, approachability and constantly improving the customer’s experience.

The space is divided into 19 specific areas, featuring honeycombed ceiling, long mirrors, which give elegance and retro chic feel of the interior.  A number of the iconic Artichoke lamps hang over the central area of the bank, adding to the unique look of the space.

In the lounge area, clients and non-clients can juts relax and surf the Internet on one of the provided iPads.  This ‘innovative-lab’ is also equipped with interactive screens, which showcase the bank’s services and product range as well as allow you to perform different types of simulations.  This is in response to the growing customer demand to help themselves using innovative technology without the need for assistance.

Why can’t all banks be like this one?