Go retro – top tips to revamp your decor

Feeling like your interior is due to a facelift? If you’re looking for a cool new look for your home, then retro might just be for you. Looking back at what was cool and hip in the period between the 1940s and the 1970s, has encouraged us to compile a set of tips and ideas on how to create your own retro look and turn your home into a place where you can’t wait to spend a little bit of extra time!

So whether you are a fan of bold colors, original patterns, or eye-catching accessories, we hope our tips will help to give you a little bit of inspiration. Get the retro look!

Arco Lamp

Retro style is all about having fun! Colour schemes and fabrics are neither too dull nor too colorful. Be playful and blend different fabric patterns with any color to create an appealing contrast. Are you looking for accessories to update your blank walls and add a little extra sophistication? Just add some bright and colorful prints to give your room a lively look. The use of light during this period was also undeniably fun and eye-catching! We love the stunning Sunny Cube Marble Base Arco lamp – an iconic piece that beautifully stands out in a retro living room.

Bubble Chair

Wow! What a stylish mid-century living room. Whether you love clean lines, crave a combination of fabrics, woods, and metals, or prefer awesome artworks, psychedelic patterns and attractive splashes of color, bring all the various elements together to create the desired retro effect. Guests will love relaxing on this artistic Hanging Bubble Chair. A fun and lively piece to add to your space!


Simple shapes work wonders in creating a retro look. Update your lounge with a curvy Noguchi coffee table and match it with Tundra Fabric Lounge Chair and Ottoman. It was designed to serve as a carefree and comfort-filled way to spend your leisure time. Sip your beverage of choice and kick back for some quality quiet timeGo for contrasting colors using cold and warm hues and add lights to create maximum impact.

This retro-futuristic, plastic-furniture filled home is simply fabulous and we think it’s a retro design lover’s dream! Bright oranges, greens, and yellows are offset by white and brown modular shelving which perfectly reflect the trend of the time.


We think the more color the better when it comes to retro design. The Pistachio green Lune Lounge Chair makes a great lounge chair and contrasts beautifully with the light brown Parquet floor. Did we mention that decorating your home with retro style is all about having fun? It certainly is! Look at those elegantly beautiful Caesar Brass Side Table it’s a perfect companion to any chair, this contemporary accent table with its gently rounded base.


Are you tired of your kitchen interior and want to try something new? Go for colorful, retro-inspired floral wallpaper that makes your kitchen look like a work of art. You can also add to your retro living a retro Wallpaper and ‘70s Glamour Bedeck the chunky light fixtures and brown-and-orange wallpaper sound not like outdated accents, but dream home-worthy retro flair. The striking wallpaper beautifully contrasts the walnut frame and the cabinets add a real retro vibe. Who wouldn’t like to have breakfast in this stylish kitchen whilst sitting comfortably on DSW bar stools?


Simple but truly fantastic. Add a touch of retro style to your office. What is better than practicing the guitar while sitting on a stylish Richard Retro Swivel Chair?

So what are you waiting for? Bring the retro look to your interior!