Chairs - Accent piece to liven up your home!

You may not want your home to be bright, bright, bright, but there’s always space in every home for an accent piece. We think that chairs make excellent accent pieces. They may be an interesting shape, they may be a bold colour, but what they are always sure to do is to catch the eye, as well as providing the ultimate in comfort. Take a look at our chosen selection of cool accent chairs. These classic pieces definitely add a lively touch to each of these interiors.

Fabric Accent Chair

First in the list is Bequest Gold Stainless steel upholstered fabric accent chair proving that accent chairs don't have to be colorful to make an impact! The solid white shade of the chair beautifully stand out against the neutral creams and strong browns. Just imagine curling up in the chair watching the world go by. Beautiful! 


Playing with fabrics is also a great way to make your chair stand out. Becca upholstered fabric ottoman is already a fantastic looking piece that instantly draws the eye, but choosing an animal hide upholstery is sure to grab even more attention. It looks unbelievably fresh and bold.


Not a fan of animal prints? Then select a bold color – a color that will stand out against the rest of your interior. It says that colors create an aesthetic feeling when used together and will commonly accompany each other in color schemes. The large grey sofa may dominate the room, but it’s the citrus color that gets people talking! A Modern Lounge Chair - The Queen Mary Armchair.  It’s a wonderful piece for relaxing in front of the fire.

Bubble Hanging Chair

Want a statement piece with a difference? Then you can’t fail, by selecting an Eero Aarnio style bubble hanging chair as your accent piece. The one with this hotel suite or living room is situated next to the window allowing you to curl up in the cushioned cocoon, as you survey the view. We are also huge fans. This chair really does add a touch of class to the room!

RAR Chair

There’s no need to stick to just one accent chair. Why not choose two?! The classic leather is bold, unique, and totally eye-catching. Teamed with the ottoman, it’s even better. But why stop there? The blue Emfurn RAR Rocker chair in the background is bright, comfortable, and cute. This RAR rocker chair is simply sensational and brings instant relaxation. We are sure you’ll agree.

If you’re amazed by those collections, did you know that you can add more without being too exaggerated? Indoor trees or plants are the new trends when it comes to styling your home. Plants are figuratively and literally the breath of fresh air we need in our homes after a long day, and they happen to look really chic while doing it.  

So what are you waiting for? Liven up your home with an accent piece!