Replacing Clutter with Style

EMFURN's collection of handsome mid century modern sideboards, tv stands, buffets and cabinets. Free shipping with each order!

It’s pretty much a fact that every home is slightly more cluttered than the perfectionist homeowner would prefer. Sometimes, accumulations of stuff can seem to be unavoidable. We’re here to help with that. Our collection of mid century TV stands and entertainment centers, solid wood sideboards, buffets, and contemporary cabinets will help clear up the clutter in your living room, family room, kitchen, maybe even an outdoor deck or patio. When you have a specific place to put all of that stuff, you might find that it becomes easier to phase out the items that you don’t use on a regular basis, or that should be stored somewhere else where they’ll actually get used!

It’s hard to think of something as large as a storage cabinet, TV stand, or set of cabinets and drawers as following along with the mid century modern design aesthetic. Often abbreviated to simply “modern,” the mid century modern style is all about minimalism and taking up less space while maintaining full functionality. In tables and chairs, this aesthetic is seen in features like sharp angles, sweeping lines, and long, spindly legs to avoid chunky  - but you might be left wondering how this aesthetic can transfer to bulky cabinets that hold entire television sets, DVDs, and more.

At, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of modern cabinets and entertainment centers to keep messes at bay and still keep up the minimalistic, spacious, mid century modern aesthetic you’ve established. If you want a true mid century modern TV stand with open shelving and a funky, asymmetric design, we have just the product for you. You might be surprised at how seamlessly a big shelving unit can blend into an open-style room - and that’s what mid century modern is all about: finding a harmony between the available space in the room and necessary utility of furniture. 

Maybe you prefer something a bit more old-fashioned - no problem! Peruse our many sets of sturdy solid wood cabinets and drawers, which can easily slide shut to hide the tangles of electronics and cords. Our TV stands can be short and sleek or taller and more robust, if you prefer, and you have the option of picking a stand with glass panel doors as well as a classic opaque design. We strive to offer a range of products that allow every homeowner to find something that suits their own personal style and home design. Keep looking, and we’re sure that you’ll find just what you’re looking for. 

All of the materials we use to craft our modern TV stands are of the highest possible grade. Whether it’s natural walnut or glossy melamine-surfaced fiberboard, you can rest assured that our cabinets and modern entertainment centers will hold all of your family’s necessities with ease. Aesthetically, our cabinets and entertainment centers come in a variety of colors and tones. Dark, light, or two-tone, you can be sure to find the one that you need to complement your room’s paint job, wallpaper, flooring, other furniture, and (of course) decor. In fact, some of our more compact credenzas come with bright printed patterns as opposed to something more solid, which would stand out perfectly against a more neutral color palette, such as in a sunroom or porch.

Not looking for a home for your television, but need something to stow away all the other whatnots and tchotchkes in your home? Look no further! Our selection of industrial cabinets and modern cloth credenzas were designed with the needs of your family in mind. Our buffets and cabinets will hold all the extra glassware, tablecloths, photo albums, and other items with ease. The variety of drawers and shelving design leaves no homeowner behind, giving you the ability to pick a piece that you feel most truly blends with the design you’ve already worked hard to create in your home!

In addition to the classic short, low-profile buffets and TV stands, we are also pleased to offer our visitors a variety of taller storage units, such as bookcases and free standing shelving units to provide a good contrast to the more squat buffets. It’s nearly impossible to keep everything in perfect order, as you no doubt know, but investing in a professional-grade, attractive storage unit or buffet might be the best decision you make in terms of making things just a little bit easier to find. It’s okay if the inside of the cabinet or TV stand is a mess, right? As long as visitors don’t see it, right? That’s right… 

In any case, our entire collection of handsome mid century modern TV stands and modern entertainment centers comes with free shipping for each order, and we are happy to deliver worldwide. Place your order with us today, and we’ll ship your order to you within 48 hours!